The Different Types of Leather Coats for Men

What do you know about your favorite leather coats for men? Ask any Tom, Dick or Harry this question and as sure are night follows day, you’ll get baffling answers. It’s simple; majority of the leather styles available today originate from a number of iconic styles that became popular in the 1950s.

Blue Leather Coats For Men

Such styles include:

  • The bomber jacket
  • The duster jacket
  • The motorcycle jacket

Strangely, these styles have given birth to other trendy styles. All coats available in stores today are more or less parodies of the three styles listed above.  The styles are in a way, the base of leather coats for men.  So what makes these styles unique?

The Bomber Jacket

Originally designed for use by Air Force pilots in the 1900s, the bomber jacket is a fashion statement to reckon with today.  It’s coming to existence was necessitated by the need to keep pilots warm each time they would fly with their cockpits open on high altitude. The jackets would protect them from extreme cold weather, high winds and rain. Nothing much has changed since then.


Today’s bomber jackets do the same to riders and pilots alike. They keep them warm, dry and comfortable. They also leave a lasting impression, courtesy of their close fitting cuffs, waistband, high zipped necklines and zippered pockets. The sleeves and body are lined with thick and smooth fur complete with warm, full collars. With a bomber jacket you can be sure of a relaxed style that easily brings out the best in you. The jackets simply offer ease of:

  • Movement
  • Warmth
  • Comfort
  • Breathability

The Duster Jacket

Another iconic fashion statement, the duster jacket is either a long full length or three quarter length coat, split up the back to the hip height. They made an early debut in the fashion industry, with pictures from as early as the 1800s showcasing cowboys with duster jackets. The cowboys would put them on to keep dust off each time they had long days on horseback. They also offered protection against wind and rain. Today, the duster jacket is a common leather apparel among motorcycle riders, though some of them prefer modern leather sport coats for men.

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The Motorcycle Jacket

It is easy to tell how the jacket looks like from its name alone. There are two different types of leather motorcycle jackets; one is purely for style and fashion, the other is for safety purposes. The motorcycle jacket, unlike bomber and duster jackets, took long before non riders embraced them as a style of fashion. They were simply a preserve for riders and men who would do anything to maintain a macho kind of look. Before all that, riders started with bomber style jackets, thanks to their style, warmth and durability. But as fate would have it, the motorcycle jacket quickly developed into a style of its own. It is now common to see a rider in any given street with a studded leather jacket, which needless to say, falls under this category.

Other popular leather coats for men styles include:

  • Military jackets
  • Office jackets
  • Race jackets


Boss Brown Leather Coats For Men

Choosing the Right Leather Coat

Leather apparels come in different styles. Choosing leather coats for men can therefore be a little bit challenging. Unless you narrow down your search to specific styles and colors, such as Italian leather coats for men or brown leather coats for men, the only way to get it right with leather is to understand what each style entails.  This calls for taking time to shop online and even asking around. Either way, always be sure that what you choose fits you well. Ensure too, that the color of your coat blends well with the other outfits in your suitcase or wardrobe.

What to Look for When Shopping for Men’s Leather Vests

From the time they first saw the light of the day way back in the 17th century till now, there is no doubt at all that leather vests for men have come a long way. Once reserved for circumstance and pomp, the vests are slowly becoming an integral part of the modern man’s wardrobe.

Cool Leather Vest For Men

The growing popularity enjoyed by leather vest for men can be attributed to the fact that they come in different styles; each befitting a certain male character or rather personality. Sportsmen for instance put on the leather vests with several pockets that can store their sporting accessories or protect them from minor injuries on their stomach, chest and back areas. Their fashion savvy and outgoing counterparts on the other hand sport the vests to make bold fashion statements and to store hunting or fishing gear respectively. It does not end there. Athletes train and work out with leather vest for men to increase endurance and speed before a big event or gig.

The most popular leather vest for men, the suit vest, continues to evolve both in style and functionality.  It is because of all these factors that shopping for the ideal leather vest for men is a tad difficult. However, with just a few considerations up your sleeve, shopping for a vest and other apparels that complement it such as a studded leather jacket should be easy. Just consider the following tips.

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Factors to Look At



The pattern chosen for a man’s leather vest is often the dominant feature or rather the outstanding thing. Men can spot simple leather vests with innovative patterns that make bold fashion statements or they can wear simple patterned vests that promote conservative looks. Either way, it is good to keep off cheap leather vests for men that have contrasting patterns and colors that lack sophistication.

Jay Z P Diddty Wearing Black Leather Vest For Men


While vest patterns often demonstrate a man’s personal taste, the material used to make the vest goes a long way to provide warmth and comfort. Leather vests lined with wool on the inside posses breathing capabilities that repel moisture and retain warm air. They are therefore perfect for extremely cold weather conditions. Pure leather vests on the other hand complement solid colored and plain short sleeve shirts, all in the name of making a fashion statement.


Simple yet trendy designs like the Korean leather jacket or standard button up leather vests are considered retro by men. They bring about an image that never falls out of style. This is where color comes in too. With a good black leather vest for men or even a brown leather vest for men a striking image that will linger on an onlooker’s mind can be brought to life. The vests can be worn with buttons either closed or opened depending on how formal or informal an occasion is. Leather vests that require durability like biker, weighted outwear vests often have zippers to ensure that the leather vest remains tight but comfortable around a man’s midsection and shoulders. Keep in mind that size also matters in determining comfort. That said, always go for a vest that fits you well. If it’s too big or too small, just leave it and find your size.

Geniuine Brown Leather Vest For Men

Final Tips

Always choose a vest based on the accessory you plan to wear with the vest. Accessories easily accentuate style and also provide functional utility. You can for instance buy a cheap leather vest to complement classic or aviator style sunglasses. You can go an extra mile to select a vest that will match your belt, tie or shoes.  The secret is understanding how to blend colors.

Simple but Crucial Tips You Should Observe When Buying Mens Leather Biker Jacket

Want a little sense of mystery to your wardrobe? Just add a mens leather biker jacket to your collection. This kind of jacket has been an icon in the fashion industry from the 1950s to now. No other material has managed to defy the odds to that extent; it therefore goes without saying that men’s leather jackets are versatile. So what exactly makes men’s leather jackets special?  Why are they popular and just how do you look good in one? What should you consider when shopping for one?

Mens Fashion Black Leather Biker Jacket


Leather jackets come in a variety of sizes, so finding one that fits you well should not be an uphill task. Note that some brands size their jackets in inches across the chest.  It is therefore common to find a leather biker jacket for men sized differently by a brand.  In simple words, always take measurements and try on your desired leather jacket before buying it. Be keen on the following areas:

  • Neck to waist height
  • Nape of the neck to wrist
  • Chest and waist width
  • Elbow bent


Keep away from anything that is too small for or too big for your size. Comfort and safety complement each other. For the latter to be achieved, one has to put on something fitting. Remember too, that a studded leather jacket may have different measurements from the usual plain leather jacket, so be sure to double check the size of such studded leather apparel before taking it home.

 Wiz Khalifa Black Studded Leather Jacket


If it’s all about looks rather than safety, then bomber jackets win hands down. Unfortunately, riders have to prioritize safety; but that does not mean that riders cannot look good in leather jackets.  To maintain the macho and trendy look associated with modern riders, go for something that leaves a lasting impression like mens faux leather biker jacket.  Then keep off from jackets with buttons and stick to zippers. Buttons are simply outdated and too girly for some men. Just avoid them.  Here are some styles that you can consider:

  • Leather blazers
  • Aviators
  • Military leather jackets


Hot Mens Leather Biker Jacket


Quality matters in everything. Right from the bike you ride to the boots you should wear, quality is one factor any rider should not ignore.  A good mens leather biker jacket is, as you may have already guessed, expensive. Thing is, the more you pay for leather jacket, the better quality you get.

Alternatively, you can stick to reputable brands such as Harley Davidson jackets.  It does sound like taking a shortcut but it’s not. With such brands, it is easy to get that mens black leather biker jacket you’ve been looking for everywhere.

Your Body Type

All leather jackets are styled and designed differently. Understand your body type and go for what brings out your outstanding features. Like already hinted, it is all about looking good and staying safe, too.  Finding a leather biker jacket that compliments your body type should not be hard if you know your size well.  Body type, like so many riders will tell you, has everything to do with your waist line, chest width and sleeve length.

Cheap Mens Faux Leather Biker Jacket


Choose colors that easily blend with other outfits in your wardrobe. Brown colored jackets blend well with colors such as beige, while black can go with just about anything. To keep it simple and attractive, go for mens leather biker jacket that enhances your personality.

 In Conclusion

It is never about how good you look alone. It is also about safety, so go for leather jackets that can keep injuries at bay in the event of an accident. Of course, other factors such as keeping you warm when it is cold also come into the picture, so keep the basics in mind too, when shopping for a trendy mens leather biker jacket.

Leather Biker Jackets for Men Shopping Guide

Take a look at any fashion show or look around in any given street. There is always a fashion-conscious man who is sporting a studded leather jacket. What does that imply? Hard to state precisely but obviously, leather biker jackets for men are here to stay. They are timeless and always in fashion.

Original Gucci Leather Biker Jackets For Men Black

How do you shop for the right leather jacket?

Identify the reasons for wanting a leather jacket. That is rule number one.  It may be as an addition to your trendy wardrobe, for safety purposes when riding your motorbike or for its warmth, comfort and protection against cold or windy weather conditions. Either way, you will still end up with one or two biker leather jackets for men.

Hot Armani Vintage Leather Biker Jackets For Men


As is always the case in fashion, quality often compromises price for the better. That said, brace yourself to churn out more if all you want is a designer leather jacket or several mens leather biker jackets. Despite their cost, genuine leather jackets offer nothing short of the following:

  • Breathability
  • Comfort
  • Warmth

All these go a long way to explain why leather is one of the most common materials in the fashion industry today.  To add more taste and flare to your outlook, go for classic cut style biker leather jackets. They never go out of fashion.

 Classic Mens Leather Biker Jackets

The Best Fit for Riders

The general rule is the more you pay for a jacket, the better quality you get. Riders should however note that the best quality leather jackets are made using high tech tanning methods.  They also use particular or rather specific types of animal hide, which in most cases is either cow or buffalo hide. As a rider, go for quality as that is the only way you can be assured of safety. You may pay more but keep in mind that with quality leather biker jackets for men, it is easy to keep abrasions and bruises at bay should you skid or roll over hard and dangerous surfaces like tarmac, asphalt or tiles.


Amateur riders may not know this but some brands size their leather biker jackets for men through inches, measuring it across your chest area. That is why taking measurements into account when buying leather jackets is really important. The simple thumb rule here is to always keep off from anything that is too tight or too big. Simply go for what fits you well and makes you comfortable. Be cautious on your chest and waist width, neck to waist length, nape of the neck to wrist and most importantly, your elbow bent.


Black Studded Leather Jacket For Men

Caring for Your Leather Jacket

If buying a leather jacket is fun, then taking care of it is the ultimate price you’ll have to pay once you have it in your wardrobe. First, you need to know what kind of leather your jackets are made from. This can be pigmented, aniline or semi-aniline leather. Such terms should not worry you as all jackets usually come with care labels found at the inside lining. The care label should tell you everything you need to know about how to take care of your jacket. Then make sure that you have leather conditioning balms and sprays. They will make your leather jacket last for long and look new. Remember to keep your jacket away from direct sunlight and have it professionally cleaned at least once every year.


More Tips

Avoid impulse buying. Just take time to understand more about modern and vintage leather biker jackets for men, compare prices, research about the latest trend and understand what you want. If all that seems hard, cut the chase and go for reputable brands.

Choosing and Selection Tips for Mens Leather Motorcycle Vest

On any given day, it is easy to spot a man or two with men’s leather motorcycle vests or jackets. The former is quintessentially common apparel that has gone far beyond the motorcycle culture. Within the culture itself, they are part and parcel of the required uniform. That however, does not mean that you cannot express some individuality with mens leather motorcycle vest. There is simply a wide range of leather motorcycle jackets, coats and vests on sale everywhere; but even with all the styles and models, chances are that you will end up buying tow of the most common mens leather motorcycle vest styles, which are:

Basic River Road Mens Leather Motorcycle Vest

Rebel Ryder

The style doubles up as a brand name too, responsible for original and value priced leather apparel. Far from the brand, Rebel Ryder as motorcycle vest style features two large front pockets ideal for keeping your license, keys or even a wallet.  The style is available in different sizes, so be sure to buy one that fits you well.

Diamond Plate

It is also a style that doubles up as a brand name. The style’s highlights feature fine embroidery or patches for riders who love a rugged look. Like Rebel Ryder, Diamond Plate offers two large front pockets for storing valuables.

Hanteiz  Leather Motorcycle Vest For Men

Why Size Matters

Size comes in handy for three important things; safety, comfort and of course, looking good. The right size will keep you comfortable when riding. This will save you from shifting in different position when riding, if say you have an unfitting vest, something that can obviously put your life at risk.  That said, never buy an oversized or an undersized vest. Always go for what fits you. That way, you will always enjoy your ride and more importantly, you will stay safe.


Any fashion conscious rider knows that it is good to keep off bright colors. Such colors can easily cause distraction to other riders or even start fading and result in any ugly look. Most leather motorcycle vest for men are available in different colors so be sure to find a good color that can be worn to any occasion. Black as already hinted is ideal. It can easily blend with your bike color, shoes, pants or even bandana.

Denim Mens Black Leather Motorcycle Vest

How to Sport a Cool Look with Leather Motorcycle Vest

Nothing speaks relaxation in high and clear tones like a classy mens leather motorcycle vest. All you need to do is to pick one with a cool cut on the chest area and you simply transform into a million buck rider or at least a look that resembles that amount. Keep in mind that other factors count when trying to look good in mens leather motorcycle vests.  With that in mind, be keen on:

  • Your choice of colors
  • Size
  • Design
  • Patterns on the vest

If all you need is a rugged, macho look, then a studded leather jacket would be your best bet. If on the other hand you want a semi casual look, a mens black leather motorcycle vest without studs would be ideal.  It all boils down to what you want.

Mens Icon Leather Motorcycle Vests


Leather vest are trendy, no doubt about that. It is however easy to miss the point and dress down with one.  That is exactly why observing the unwritten code of dressing already hinted is crucial. Such ‘codes’ aside, it is important to take good care of your leather vest. It is simple, it is affordable and like you may have already guessed, mandatory.  That is where leather protecting sprays and leather conditioning balms come into the picture. Use the latter at least once a year and the former anytime you want to keep your leather motorcycle vest looking new.  Then always avoid storing your jacket in direct sunlight.

Mens Leather Coats – What Makes Them Ideal

There is no doubt about it; mens leather coats have been men’s wardrobe staple for years. Ever since the first men’s leather coat made an appearance in the late 1950’s, leather has been universally endorsed and accepted as a sign of male machismo, character and personality.

Most Trendy Mens Leather Coats

What Makes Leather That Special?

There is no definite answer to this question. The closest one can guess is probably because leather is durable and never goes out of fashion; but before going into so much detail about what gives leather an edge over the other materials, it is good to first understand what leather is all about. In the simplest words, leather is any tanned, dried, toughened and dyed skin of an animal.

To that point, it is easy to help men get rid of the notion that mens leather coats can only be made from buffalo or cow skin.  Some of the most common materials out of which most mens leather jackets are made include:

  • Lizard skin – It is mostly used to make shoes and belts.  There are coats made from lizard skin though most of them cost quite a fortune. Most leather jackets for men are embossed to give them a lizard skin like look.
  • Pigskin – Sounds funny but pigskin can actually be used to make leather coats.  This is common in South America and some parts of North America too. Jackets made from pigskin are usually smooth and warm enough to keep cold at bay.
  • Ostrich Skin – Popularly known for the bumpy feeling it gives, ostrich skin too can be used to make trendy leather apparel for both men and women.
  • Cowhide – Pretty much self explanatory. Cowhide together with buffalo hide, are so far the most common leather types used to make mens leather coats. The reasons too are to some extend self explanatory, beginning with the fact that cow and buffalo hide are extremely comfortable.
  • Suede leather – Suede is actually cow hide. The only difference is the fact that its s made from the reverse side of cowhide, then roughened till it becomes smooth.


Grey Black Mens Leather Sport Coats

Which Leather Jacket Best Suits A Man?

It is hard to tell, primarily because it depends with what a man wants. Then again, mens leather coats are available in a wide range of styles, designs and cuts. Some of the most common designs include:

  • Button closing jackets
  • Zipper closing jackets
  • Reversible double faced
  • Shorts sports jackets
  • Long leather coats

The list can actually go on and on as boutiques feature more sophisticated designs targeting fashion conscious men. That explains why it is quite common to spot a man with the trendy studded leather jacket, a trend that was common in the 1980s. Vintage mens leather fur coats too are making a comeback. This can only mean one thing – leather is timeless. It just never goes out of fashion.

Sheepskin Mens Leather Fur Coats

Leather and Sports

Mention leather and sports and the first thing one is likely to think of is motorcycle riding.  The reason is simple, in sports – motor sports to be precise – leather is associated with safety. For riders it can prevent abrasion should one collide or skid off the road. For drivers, it means something totally different. Sounds funny but there are now mens leather car coats, specifically meant to give a man a macho look when he’s behind the wheels. Note that with all mens leather sport coats, quality precedes everything. That is why taking time to shop is crucial.  Window-shopping does sound like something most men like to keep off but in the end, it helps one learn about what he’s shopping for and save money.

Black Mens Leather Car Coats by Brooker


Leather is there to stay.  It is that material that in the near future will never miss in any man’s wardrobe. That said, have at least two or three leather jackets with you at any given time. Then, remember that looking good in a leather coat is all about blending the right colors.

Tips to Help You Choose Mens Leather Pants That Perfectly Suit You

If nothing goes amiss when riding your motorbike, you’ll probably find it easy to cruise along comfortably with khaki pants or even denim blue jeans. However, khaki or blue jeans will not keep injuries at bay should you collide, skid or roll. Only a decent pair of purpose built mens leather pants will. What’s more, the right mens leather pants will keep you dry, dry comfortable and warm should it snow or rain heavily as you ride. So just how do you shop for the right leather pants?

Shop For Cheap Mens Leather Pants Black

It’s simple; go for leather pants that suit:

  • Riding season
  • Your favorite trails
  • Your desire to ride in any weather
  • Your riding style



Why Leather?

Leather is the only material that gives great abrasion protection. It should however be noted that leather by itself cannot absorb a hard blow to your thigh, knee or hip in the event of a major accident. That is exactly why going for cheap mens leather pants that have strategically placed padding or armor on impact prone areas is a smart move.  There are of course, more subtle yet profound reasons why leather is an ideal material compared to other materials such as polyester.

  • Black leather pants are timeless – They always stay in fashion and remain relevant. Mainstream fashion trends may not recognize leather as in fashion anymore but fact is, black leather pants always look hot. Somehow, they always manage to come back in fashion, not through riders alone- sometimes they just make a comeback entirely on their own, as outfits that can be worn by just about anyone. That said, take care of your leather pants well, and you’ll always be in fashion whether you are on your motorcycle or not.


Fashion Casual Mens Leather Pants

  • Leather is versatile – They just go with everything. Trendy or even simple mens leather pants can dress down your outfit or dress it up. What’s more you can wear leather almost anywhere. All you need to do is to wear the right top and the shoes.


Leather and the Weather

Consider blending a studded leather jacket with mens skinny leather pants if you want to block dampness, mild rain and cold winds. Keep in mind that unless your leather pants are lined on the inside with a waterproof material or the leather has been specially treated to make it completely water resistant, you must put on rain pants over your leather pants so as to stay dry in wet weather conditions.  It would be much better to keep off mens black leather pants as they can be extremely uncomfortable in hot condition. Your best bet would be to remain cool with well ventilated and perforated pants.


Burberry Studded Leather Jacket With Mens Skinny Leather Pants

Treat Your Leather Pants as an Investment

Leather pants can last for decades if you take care of them well. Spray your leather pants with a leather protector immediately you buy them.  While leather protector sprays may cost quite a fortune, they always save the day and ensure that your leather apparel stay in shape for long.  Remember to condition your leather pants with a special leather conditioning balm at least once every year. Sounds like something you can easily forget but not so if you want your leather pants to always look new. Remember too to keep your leather outfit away from direct sunlight, as direct sunlight reduces the lifespan of your leather jacket by almost half.

Korean Style Mens Black Leather Pants


Leather is without a doubt the best material motorcycle riders can sport when riding. They can easily keep injuries at bay and even make a whole difference between life and death. However, for this to happen, one has to take good care of his leather pants and take time to shop for the best leather pants, possibly from a reputable brand.

What to Observe When Shopping For Quality Leather Vests for Men

Leather vests and jackets have come a long way. From the days when stars such as Johnny Strabler cloaked leather jackets that were so stiff, leaving you wondering how they managed to lift their arms past their waist areas. Things have since changed in the fashion industry and surprisingly, leather has not lost its flare.

Most Popular Leather Vests For Men

Skins have changed but that’s not everything. The entire leather treatment process too has changed.  All these in the name of ensuring you get value for your money each time you shop for leather vests for men.  So just how do you pull off a million dollar look in a simple leather jacket or vest?

Go For What Fits You

Nothing brings out confidence and speaks relaxation like fitting leather apparel.  Keep things on the slim slide and you just hit the nail on its head. Leather vests come in different sizes, each specifically cut out for different riders. That said, cut the chase, save time and find your size or opt for custom leather vests for men. Ensure that your vest fits you well with or without the zipper on. Check too, on the following areas:

  • Chest and waist width
  • Shoulder area

Don’t Compromise Looking Good in the Name of Safety

The fact that leather jackets and leather vests for men act as safety wear does not mean one should compromise looking good in the name of staying safe. There is a simple unwritten code pertaining to this; a trim cut leather vest or leather jacket does not jibe well with slim fitting khaki pants and a polo shirt. Sounds like a big hassle to many, but the best way to beat the odds and still look good with a leather vest or a studded leather jacket is to go for a custom made one or stick with popular brands like Harley Davidson. Remember too, to observe the basics like staying away from outdated styles such as button up leather vests. Zipping up in style is the new trend. Silver zippers with two or three front pockets can be a real icing to the cake, so go for vests with front pockets if and when you can.

Cool Custom Leather Vests For Men Poison Pill

Choose the Right Colors

Stick to black if blending the right colors seems like rocket science to you. Most western leather vests for men are trendy enough to allow anyone look good. However, this does not mean that one can spot just about any color and head out for a ride. Take a look at what hangs in your wardrobe and go for colors that blend well with your other outfits. Brown blends well with beige hues, while other colors such as white remain a preserve for models and daring riders.

Hot Western Leather Vests For Men

Go For Quality

This is where most riders feel ripped off. Fact is, good and quality things are expensive. The same rule applies when looking for quality motorcycle leather vests for men.  Limit your search to reputable brands like Harley Davidson or anything in the name of Italian leather, if finding quality leather vests proves to be a daunting task.

Skull Black Motorcycle Leather Vests For Men

Final Tips

It is easy to look good in leather vests for men but then again, it is also easy to blunder and dress down.  One thumb rule is to keep things simple and semi casual. Unless you are in a rider motorcycle club, a studded leather jacket will do you no good if you are riding to work or off to a party.  Remember too, to take care of your leather vest or jackets well.  All leather vests for men are relatively easy to take care of, so have no worries at all on how you’ll take care of your leather gear. Just follow the instructions on the inside label of your leather gear and you’re good to go.

Tips to Consider When Shopping for Mens Leather Coats

Seldom does one find the right fit for a dress and for mens leather coats. In as much as the proposition could be farfetched, nothing probably speaks the truth about men’s leather apparel than the comparison. Sounds strange but people actually find it difficult if not hard to get the right combination and blend of mens leather coats utility and style. If there are coats available, they may not be fitting enough or the color may not be appealing; but like any fashion savvy man would tell you, it takes just a few considerations so as to get it right with men’s leather coats.

Sheepskin Leather Coats For Men Black

Selection Tips

  • Know your style – Mens leather coats come in three different styles; bomber, biker or varsity. Identify what looks good on you and stick to it. If in doubt, ask your friends which style looks good on you.
  • Size variations – The thumb rule here is to stick to what is fitting. If your preferred coat is a little bit too small or big, try another one. A good coat has to be as fitting as a Cinderella shoe. It will boost your confidence but most importantly; it will make you feel comfortable.
  • Type and quality – Leather coats have come a long way.  The quality of today’s leather jacket isn’t certainly what it was 50 years ago.  Generally, softer leather makes a good coat but people have their own preferences. That said, go for the type and quality of a leather coat that can guarantee you nothing short of value for money.
  • Price– a studded leather jacket may be pricier than an ordinary leather jacket. A designer one on the other hand may be way too expensive for an ordinary man to afford. That does not in any way guarantee quality. Take time to compare prices and learn more about the best mens leather coats and jackets.


Versace Studded Leather Jacket

What’s So Special In Leather Coats?

Leather is an amazingly soft and supple material.  It feels good against the skin, it is warm and being a natural hide, it breathes. It conforms to the shape of the wearer’s body and gets better as it ages.  All these can be attributed to the fact that quality leather coats are made from the hide of a fully grown cow.  Napa hide, which is made from sheep, lamb and goat skins, is yet another common material used to make quality leather coats for men. Deer and kangaroo skin can also be used but jackets made from their hide tend to me rare and costly.

Stylish Black Mens Leather Coats And Jackets

Which Type Best Suits All Men?

It is hard to answer the question with certainty. It all boils down to one’s preferences and deep understanding of the types of leather jackets available in any given store.

  • Biker/Rider Coat – They are normally made of stronger and heavier weight leather. They are lined to protect motorcycle riders from harsh weather conditions and injuries in the event of an accident.
  • Bomber coat – Ideal for cold weather conditions as they are made from light weight leather such as Napa.
  • Formal coats – This is where mens black leather coats come in as most formal leather coats and jackets come in plain black, brown and grey colors. They look great when worn with official shirts and ties.
  • Trench coats – It is great for a charming look as well as protection from cold weather. It is a must have for any fashion conscious man.
  • Casual coat – So far the best coat to sport with a t shirt and jeans. Best thing about casual leather coats for men is the fact that they come in several and sizes.  There are big mens leather coats in this category as well as medium sized ones.


Quality Black Mens Leather Coats


With more leather coat brands coming up almost every year, finding your fit should be an easy task. Just don’t forget to consider the aforementioned pointers. It will make the whole coat buying process simple and fun.

The Wide Range of Winter Leather Coats for Men

Leather coats for men are popular since the late 1950’s, when they first saw the light of the day. Back then, they were mostly worn by military personnel and aviators to provide warmth during winter.  They have since maintained their long lasting and “warm” reputation to date, thus giving the modern man a range of leather coat options!

Black Leather Coats For Men

Apart from providing warmth and comfort, leather has other qualities that have made it a desired option to date. For instance, its ability to feel great against the skin, its ability to look great with almost any outfit and its ability to “age gracefully” – as leather ages, it gains better shape and stretch easily.

Black Label Leather Trench Coats For Men

What is your leather outfit this upcoming winter?

A coat starts becoming a necessity as autumn arrives with its winds and rain. As winter approaches with its teeth-clenching cold, a coat becomes an absolute necessity. But being cold does not mean you look disheveled, you can still enjoy your warmth while being trendy, classy and stylish.  Featured are some leather coats, which will help you achieve this:

  • The vintage leather coat – This features a waist level jacket similar to a motorcycle jacket or a studded leather jacket. Vintage leather coats have padding and can be supplemented with far or wool on their inner side to increase warmth.  These coats come in a variety of colors, the most common being the classic black and brown. They are best worn over denim pants or jeans for a casual look. Some styles and designs may however, compliment a formal look while giving your outfit an ‘edge’.
  • Stylish leather trench coats for men – The trench coat for men is a modern invention, which has continued to gain popularity. Long leather coats for men such as the trench, were traditionally made from wool or cotton materials, but leather has gained popularity because it is much warmer and heavier. You can wear anything underneath a leather trench from formal pants to casual jeans.


Feather Leather Winter Coats For Men

Leather winter coats for men come in a variety of lengths such as the mid calf, full length, mid thigh, knee and waist length. If you are not sufficiently blessed with height, keep off long leather coats as they tend to make short men appear shorter.

The diversity of leather

One of the main concerns held by most people when it comes to leather is their price tag. It’s no brainer trendy and stylish leather coats for men can be quite costly for the average Joe or just about anyone on a tight budget. However, when it comes to leather, there is simply something unique for everyone. Something alluring such as:

  • Full grain leather – This is one of the strongest yet most expensive leather. The fibers of full grain leather can go undamaged for a long time. Each piece of a leather coat made of this leather is unique, as it is not sanded down making each imperfection or pattern distinctive.
  • Top grain leather – The top layer of these leathers are sanded, and then polished to give it a nice finish. These processes weaken the leather fibers making them weaker than full grain leather. If you are looking for a uniformed elegant look, then a top grain leather coat will achieve this look.
  • Split grain and bonded leather – Both are made from poor quality leather. They are not as strong as the first mentioned two, but they are least expensive and still look great.


Trendy Long Leather Coats For Men


There is a wide variety of winter leather coats for men. With that in mind, choose one on how warm you want to be, the style you want to achieve and how much you want to spend on your leather coat. Take time to window shop and compare prices. In the end, you’ll learn more about leather coats for men and even get to save money.