The Benefits of Wearing Biker Boots

Biker boots are special shoes designed for motorcyclists. They are made with special features to enable motorcyclists ride without any problem or pressure. They absorb pressure, heat and generally protect the legs of the rider. They can also protect the passenger or even the luggage. These boots therefore are one of the basic tools to have when you own a motorbike, or you intend to purchase one.

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  • Protection – Motorbike’s exhaust pipes can be very hot when your motorbike is on the road. These high temperatures can pose a lot of risks more so if your feet come closer to the exhaust pipes. The ironical part though is that your feet are always near the exhaust pipes. This means that your feet are always in danger of getting burnt due to these high temperatures. Leather biker boots therefore prevents you from getting burnt. These boots come with protective layers and characteristics which ensure that you are safe when riding.
  • Accidents – The possibility of you getting involved in an accident is always there. Even though you are careful, the risk of getting hit by a car or even rolling on the ground is never written off. For instance, you can roll on the road thus injuring your legs very badly. Biker boots protect you from injuring your ankles and legs as much as possible. In fact, the shoes ensure that debris and other hurting materials do not penetrate into your legs. In addition, the shoes protect in case the motorbike falls on you and thus hot exhaust pipes lands on your legs. Even though the exhaust pipe is very hot, the boots will protect you and ensure that you are not subjected to burns.
  • Wet Conditions – Wet conditions can be detrimental to your journey. This is because water can easily pass through to your feet thus making it uncomfortable for you to ride. Studded biker boots ensure that these weather conditions don’t make it hard to finish your journey. In addition, the boots ensure that you don’t lose grip which is very important when riding. At the end of the day, you are able to ride safely and quickly to wear you need to go.


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Best Features

  • FlatBiker boots are flat which makes it easy for you to ride. The shoes do not have irregular shape which sometimes can make it tricky to ride safely more so on terrains or uneven grounds. The shoes therefore enhance your safety, make it easy for you to ride fast and generally improve your comfort.
  • Waterproof – Shoes motorbike riding come with waterproofing characteristics. This means that they will not allow water to pass through more so when it comes to weather conditions. This makes it easy for you to ride with a lot of comfort even when it is raining or during winter.
  • ThickBrown Biker Boots are thick with protective layers attached to them. This is so in order to protect you from getting injured in case of an accident. In addition, the shoes protect you from high exhaust pipes temperatures. This means that you can ride without having to worry about the burning threat which is always there when you are not wearing the shoes.
  • Height – Motorcycle boots are tall in height. This is so in order to provide protection to a large section of your feet. In fact, the boots can cover more than half of your legs. Because of this, you are always given comfort when riding against climatic conditions and accidents and other incidences.

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Buying Biker Boots

As said earlier, biker boots are part of motorcycle necessities you need to have. This is not only because of their benefits, but also comfort and speed enhancement too. That is why it is absolutely important to purchase these boots. If you have already decided to buy these shoes and protect yourself, you can do so from your nearest store. It is important though to make sure that only the best boots are bought. The best boots here mean the shoes that offer you the best from your situation. This means that you need to think about durability, design and even color.

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Once you have identified studded leather jacket, you can go ahead and make purchase. You can either do so via online or physically at the retail store. You can then go ahead and start enjoying the services brought by the shoes. Remember though that for the longevity of your shoes, there is need for adequate maintenance. This is the only way that your money will bring back the value of each coin spent.

Biker Gear Selection Tips

The selection of biker gear is necessary in order for the biker so that they can be comfortable, warm and stylish. The right selection also allows the rider to be flexible and enjoy the ride for long. The following are important considerations in the selection to ensure that the right gear is used by the rider.

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Select the correct size of gear

The correct size is necessary to look good and minimize exposure to wind and cold while riding. Measurements should be during the selection process especially around the bust’s fullest area which is under their arms. This is best done with the arms placed in a relaxed position. The length of sleeves is taken from the middle part of a woman’s neck to the wrist with her arm in a relaxed position. The length of upper body gear should be measured from woman’s shoulders going down. Lower body gear should be measure at the hips. This is done by placing the feet together and taking measurements at the top of a woman’s legs, which is the fullest. The waist’s measurements should be taken from the point on the body where there are visible crease lines when a woman bends to the left or right.

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Accessorize as much as possible

It is important to include several accessories to a woman’s gear to protect from the unbearable winter temperatures and to enhance her looks. Caps and headbands are an ideal addition to womens biker gear because they are effective in insulating the head. During summer, it is important to consider selecting a thinner cap or headband in summer to absorb moisture in summer while during winter, a thicker cap or headband keeps the head warm. Gloves that have short-cut fingers are ideal during summer rides while full-finger gloves are preferable during winter. In order to maximize comfort, the gloves should be properly lined. Leg/arm warmers are important during winter because they ensure the rider is kept warm while taking up very little space. An added advantage of arm/leg warmers is that they can be worn under other garments, in addition to, being easily removed when there is a rise in temperature.

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Consider leather biker gear

  • Leather biker gear vests and jackets are available in numerous styles and types. They are very important in protecting the rider against rain, cold and wind.
  • In order to get the correct measurements for your biker gear leather apparel, make sure that something is worn underneath to ensure that the correct size is selected.
  • This is found by selecting the size that is higher than the size that fits when measurements are taken.
  • There are many sources of leather vests and jackets for riding. These include yard sales where it is possible to find vintage motorcycle jackets and online auction sites. These are two places where one can find cheap biker gear which is also unique in design.
  • Custom ordered leather jackets and vests are ideal foe riders who are members to riding associations because of the matching colors and designs.
  • Customization can also be used in promoting sports teams, colleges and universities attended in the past and gift items where names of spouses or boyfriends can be placed on them.


Biking footwear

  • When selecting the right footwear for biking, it is important to consider weight, temperatures and style.
  • Socks selected for biking should be made of materials that ensure that the feet are kept warm during winter. It is also important for sweat to be absorbed by socks to avoid the formation of blisters on the rider’s feet.
  • Socks made of merino wool are ideal for biking because they get dry quickly while absorbing sweat.


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Consider layering clothing

This is done to ensure consistency of body temperature. This is to ensure that the temperatures are not too high or too low leading to loss of energy as a result of the body’s self-regulation. Layering is best done with a layer next to the skin, a middle layer and an outer layer to protect against the effects of wind, cold and rain. It is important to ensure that layering is done in a way that does not compromise the comfort of the biker. It is for this reason that the weight of layering clothing has to be appropriate to an individual.

For a more fashionable twist to your biker gear, you can also opt for studded leather jacket when you are choosing your biker jacket gears. This durable piece of clothing has been pumped up with unique stud designs on it to make it look flashier when you are into fashionable look.

Biker Jacket – The Best Clothing for Bikers

Do you own a motorbike, or you intend to own one in the near future? If the answer is yes, then you need to think about biker jacket. This is the jacket that is worn when riding a motorbike not only on terrains, but also on other grounds. Although it is not mandatory to wear it, its benefits make the jacket a necessity. In fact, without it, you are likely to be prone to many other challenges.

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The Benefits

Weather: The weather conditions keep on changing from time to time. In fact, it is hard to know how the weather conditions will be today in the evening. In addition, there are different seasons in the year. These seasons dictate certain weather conditions. Extreme weather conditions can easily bring negative effects into your life. What’s more, wind and rainy conditions can easily make you uncomfortable when riding. This can easily lead to accidents and other incidents. Womens biker jacket will help you face these conditions without any problem.

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  • Reduction of Injuries: It is possible to be involved in an accident which can inflict pain on your body. This is the case more if a car hits you. This is not necessarily because you are on the wrong, but because circumstances may dictate so. Motorbike jackets will protect you from such scenarios and help you come out with minimal or injuries. This is because these mens biker jacket has got protective layer which can protect your back and chest from getting injured. Because of this, injury inflicting materials such as debris will not go through the jacket.
  • Protection Against Health Risks: Cold climates and rainy seasons will not only make you uncomfortable, but they can also lead to outbreak of diseases or proliferation of the same. If for instance you are allergic to wind, your problem can even get worse. In addition, if you suffer from conditions which are proliferated by cold conditions, you are likely to suffer even more. This though is a different case when you have got biker jacket. The jacket will ensure that the heat generated by your heat is retained, and also that wind doesn’t penetrate into your body. This keeps your body longer even as you are riding thus preventing you from falling sick.
  • Pockets: Womens leather biker jacket has got many pockets where you can keep your documents when riding. The pockets are deep and have got zips to protect your documents. No matter the speed at which you are moving, you will always transport your documents without problems. What’s more, the documents will not be tampered in anyway. This means that you will not only take your documents where they are needed, but also keep them safe and clean.


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What to Consider When Buying Biker Jackets?

When in the market buying biker jackets, there are some things you need to look at. Some of them include the following:

  • Durability and Price: It is very important that you look at the price studded leather jacket before committing yourself. Remember that the price is not the only thing though to look out for. It is also important to look at durability and gauge it against the price. For you to get the best deal, it is important to purchase the jacket which has got high quality inherent characteristics and goes at competitive prices in the market.
  • Maintenance: In order to realize the value of your money, it is important to purchase a biker jacket that is easy to maintain. You need to purchase a jacket that will not make it hard for you to wash it after wearing it in unpleasant conditions. In addition, such a jacket should not look pale after washing or wearing for a long time. That is the jacket that should get your nod.
  • Design and Color: If you are a fashion lover, you would like something spectacular. For you to look trendy and fashionable, you need to pick the best design in the market. This means that you select a jacket that will portray you as someone who doesn’t understand fashion. In addition, you need to pick the color which goes hand in hand with your wardrobe. This will ensure that your jacket matches with your clothing when riding.


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How to Make Purchases?

Making purchases only requires you to consider the above factors and then walk to a store to purchase biker jacket. If you are busy, committed or far from the store, you can employ online buying. This is a platform which allows you to make purchases from your living room or office. You can go through different jackets available, select the best designed and colored jacket, add to the cart and confirm your order by paying for it. You can pay via different methods, and after that relax and wait for your jacket. That simple!

What is Biker Clothing?

More than three hundred thousand members of the nonprofit American Motorcyclist Association do not wear biker clothing and also promoting the lifestyle of motorcycling and the security of its future. Members of the clubs under the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) umbrella come from all walks of life. The “outlaw biker gangs” are its subculture that appeals to the non-conformists and those who do not adhere to the same set of rules.

Hell Angels Outlaw Biker Clothing

Leather Biker Clothing

While biker clothing is largely thought of as fashioned in leather, it is most likely quite different from studded leather jacket that can be worn to the office or a social function. However, some retail stores that trade in apparel for motorcycle enthusiasts offer a wide selection of non-leather merchandise. This encompasses jackets, vests, jeans, racing gloves, riding pants, tees, and gun holster shirts. Vests are especially important because they are decorated with club patches as a visual way to identify members of certain biker clubs.

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Biker Clothing for Men and Women

Even in womens biker clothing vests are also especially important and are styled from classic button-up to zip-up and from form fitting short to one with concealed gun pockets. The latter, a black leather bulletproof vest with spandex sides, two concealed gun pockets, and a single panel back allowing for all sizes of patches has recently been discontinued, but it epitomizes the outlaw clothing for bikers on the market.

 Awesome Biker Clothing For Men

Designed specifically for women, leather motorcycle apparel provides both style and protection.

  • The classic motorcycle jacket can come in pink to be ultra-feminine. It has silver hardware, three front zipper pockets, a front pocket button, zippered wrists and a belt that can easily be adjusted. It is also fully lined. Chaps and braided, fringed vests are also available in sexy pink.
  • A very feminine classic jacket is also available in red leather, fully lined and also with three zipper front pockets, a front button pocket, zipper wrist closures and an adjustable belt. There are red leather chaps and a classic tailored vest in red leather to match.
  • The touring style jacket for women can be purchased in black leather with a pink or a silver and white stripe across the shoulders. The stripe makes a graphic fashion statement. The jacket has a scooter-style collar with a button snap and a zip-out lining, with two front pockets.
  • Some chaps for women are adorned with fringed sides, an inner lining and rounded back opening, especially for biker babes.


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Biker clothing for men is sold in all styles for all types of riders.

  • The seamless vest with single panel back will fit club colors or patches. They are fashioned of full grain leather with two outside pockets that have hidden zipper closures and adjustable lace sides.
  • The classic motorcycle jackets can be had in either black or brown leather. For under a hundred dollars, the black split cowhide jacket has side laces, an adjustable belt, three zippered front pockets, and zippered wrist closures and has a full zip-out lining.
  • The classic deluxe brown jacket is premium buffalo leather with adjustable side laces, a zip out lining, adjustable belt, three zippered front pockets and a front button pocket, for less than two hundred twenty dollars.
  • The most popular and affordable leather chaps for men are fashion of split cowhide with front pockets, restyled belt and have a polyester lining with heavy duty silver hardware at under seventy dollars.

Outlaw biker clothing is sometimes advertised as just that, “outlaw”. However, it should be noted that the term “outlaw” came about because the outlaw biker clubs are not sanctioned by the American Motorcyclist Association. It does not necessarily mean that they are involved in criminal activity. Although most of the gear may be similar to any other biker clothing, those termed “outlaw” are usually significant because some of the vests look similar to SWAT vests, for instance, and others are manufactured with gun concealers in them! For instance the tactical style black leather motorcycle vest with gun pockets is extremely popular recently. These are called bullet proof but they have no bullet proof armor. They do have adjustable sides, zip fronts and look very aggressive. They come with adjustable Velcro waist straps and leather shoulder straps, two zipper inside pockets and mesh liners.

Much of the ornamentation on clothing worn by the outlaw bikers is a way of announcing their dismissal of social mores and sometimes simply for shock value, such as the Nazi swastika or the S.S. Death’s Head symbol.

The styles of biker clothing has actually given rise to many trends in the fashion industry for both men and women.

Choosing the Right Leather Biker Vest

The simplest way to get a classy and fashionable look is to put on an appropriate leather biker vest. These jackets and vests perfectly go with any clothing, so choosing an appropriate one is not a big problem. With these jackets and vests you don’t have to give much detail to your blouses or shirts, because they will hide them and all that people will be able to see is your cool jacket or vest. It is important to note that these jackets are meant to protect you from injury in case of accidents; therefore you should be smart and informed about them before purchasing one so as to avoid regrets and injuries later.


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Choosing a Leather Biker Vest

Before choosing your leather apparel, biker leather vest, womens leather biker vest, mens leather biker vest or any protective jacket you should choose the right size.

  • The right size will not only provide you with comfort but also protection. The jacket should also be the right size according to the bike that you are riding. For example crotch rocket forces one to lean forward; racing and sports jackets are custom made to provide protection in this case. Fitting jackets also allow one to extend their arms in front.

Because bikes don’t have any locations for storage, you should get one that has some pockets to enable you put your keys and other personal things too.

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  • Pockets also enhance the look of your jacket instead of having a plain straight jacket.

You should purchase a jacket with good vents and lining, because these are what protect you from injury in case of an accident.

  • Vents prevent you from heat and excessive sweating. Liners are removable; therefore they can be used during the winter and summer.

Biker jackets should have great protection and armor. Overall padding is not enough to protect a rider. The best protection is an airbag system that is designed to inflate when a rider is ejected instantly.

  • A good leather jacket should have reinforced elbows, shoulders, chest and back.

Another thing that should not be taken for granted is the material.

  • Textile is appropriate for summer. It can be used in winter if it is lined with another material. Leather is durable and provides great protection. It does not have good aeration, so inappropriate for summer but is perfect for winter. Leather jackets can be used in the summer if they have vents. Denim provides good protection against scratches and cuts. It does not have great aeration and hence can’t be used during the winter unless it has a thick interior lining. Denim keeps the rider cool.


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Types of Leather Biker Vest

  • Classic jackets are fashionable and are ornamented to give them the great look; however they don’t offer great protection.
  • Race jackets offer great protection because of their armor, padding and thick fabric. They also have a classy look due to the graphics drawn on it.
  • Rain jackets are meant to keep the rider dry. They have waterproof material that is light and they can be worn over another jacket in the winter.
  • Retro jackets have vintage graphics or patches which gives them a fashionable and trendy look.Thier safety depends on their padding level.
  • Sport jackets are like the racing jackets and they offer great protection to the rider. Mostly they are plain jackets.
  • Touring jackets are designed to give the rider comfort. They have many pockets and are loose, just fit for touring riders. Their protection level varies; some have great protection while others have less protection.
  • Traditional jackets are very plain and have less protection.


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Actually the base line to choosing a leather biker jacket is the type of ride, if it is a rough ride then high padded jackets are appropriate and the other way round for smooth rides. You should be careful when choosing biker jackets, because bikes unlike air-crafts and vehicles don’t offer protection to the rider. Biker jackets are in different makes and colors and are available in many stores. There are many online stores that you can purchase leather jackets.

Why Choose the Right Biker Apparel

Typically, the biker apparel design is a diverse one. It is particularly so due to the fact that there are different categories of riders out there. They range from women, men and also young teenage riders as well. There are racing bike apparels, as well as ordinary ones. Considering all these factors, a number of apparels have been designed with the intention of fulfilling the need of every rider regardless of their gender, age group or the activity and nature of the bike ride.

The Right Right Biker Apparel
The purpose of a biker gear is to protect the rider or its passenger from abrasion in the event that the bike spills or any other form of accident occurs. It should however be noted that no gear made with just the fabric without additional body armor can adequately protect the rider upon impact. Therefore, leather apparel, coupled with body armor offers the rider the following advantages:

  • Protection from abrasion

A good number of motorcycle manufacturers as well as mechanics all agree that leather apparel offers more abrasion protection in comparison to other fabrics such as denim or synthetic fabrics.


  • Weight

The leather weight often gives the gear an edge over other available fabrics in regards to a suitable bike apparel. Since leather has a considerable thickness of about one and half millimeters, the protection it accords to the rider is unrivaled.

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  • Durability

The durability of a motorcycle gear made from leather is often unmatched. A number of experts agree that a leather bike gear can withstand a little more than four spills and still be at a top notch condition as compared to bike gears made from synthetic materials, that on average last at most for only two spills in which they are completely destroyed never suitable to be used again.

Female bikers often want to look the part. This is a realization that womens biker apparel manufacturers have kept in mind while in the endeavor to design the most suitable gear for women bike riders. At present, women from all walks of life can get the right gear for the right bike easily. This aspect is also subject to the nature of the bike ride to be taken. Either open road or racing in addition to other varying activities.


  • Find a reputable dealer

Credible dealers usually sell the right biker gear in addition to the motorcycles and accompanying accessories. There, you will find every accessory you need.

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  •  Consider the flea market  

Motorcycle enthusiasts can find all kinds of motorcycle accessories such as clothing, helmets and many others at a considerably affordable price. Nevertheless, absolute care should be taken while making the purchases to avoid buying a worn garment which will cost an arm and a leg to repair.

In an apparent bias, Ladies biker apparel in comparison to biker apparel for men are tastefully designed to meet the overwhelming desire by many lady bikers while engaging in bike riding. Manufacturers have taken this into consideration without slashing the safety aspect.

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Factors to Consider

Most biker apparel tends to be hot. Therefore, care ought to be taken while choosing the right apparel. A number of factors should be considered prior to making your ultimate choice. Some of these factors include the temperature outside, the nature of the ride, the type of the motorcycle, and for most ladies, the aesthetics bits in order to be safe as well as classy at the same time.

If you are considering this last factor, you might want to consider including a studded leather jacket among your biker apparel list of necessities. Not only will this kind of jacket ensure your safety, but moreover, it allows you to still look stylish and trendy while enjoying this type of activity.