Why Choose the Right Biker Apparel

Typically, the biker apparel design is a diverse one. It is particularly so due to the fact that there are different categories of riders out there. They range from women, men and also young teenage riders as well. There are racing bike apparels, as well as ordinary ones. Considering all these factors, a number of apparels have been designed with the intention of fulfilling the need of every rider regardless of their gender, age group or the activity and nature of the bike ride.

The Right Right Biker Apparel
The purpose of a biker gear is to protect the rider or its passenger from abrasion in the event that the bike spills or any other form of accident occurs. It should however be noted that no gear made with just the fabric without additional body armor can adequately protect the rider upon impact. Therefore, leather apparel, coupled with body armor offers the rider the following advantages:

  • Protection from abrasion

A good number of motorcycle manufacturers as well as mechanics all agree that leather apparel offers more abrasion protection in comparison to other fabrics such as denim or synthetic fabrics.


  • Weight

The leather weight often gives the gear an edge over other available fabrics in regards to a suitable bike apparel. Since leather has a considerable thickness of about one and half millimeters, the protection it accords to the rider is unrivaled.

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  • Durability

The durability of a motorcycle gear made from leather is often unmatched. A number of experts agree that a leather bike gear can withstand a little more than four spills and still be at a top notch condition as compared to bike gears made from synthetic materials, that on average last at most for only two spills in which they are completely destroyed never suitable to be used again.

Female bikers often want to look the part. This is a realization that womens biker apparel manufacturers have kept in mind while in the endeavor to design the most suitable gear for women bike riders. At present, women from all walks of life can get the right gear for the right bike easily. This aspect is also subject to the nature of the bike ride to be taken. Either open road or racing in addition to other varying activities.


  • Find a reputable dealer

Credible dealers usually sell the right biker gear in addition to the motorcycles and accompanying accessories. There, you will find every accessory you need.

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  •  Consider the flea market  

Motorcycle enthusiasts can find all kinds of motorcycle accessories such as clothing, helmets and many others at a considerably affordable price. Nevertheless, absolute care should be taken while making the purchases to avoid buying a worn garment which will cost an arm and a leg to repair.

In an apparent bias, Ladies biker apparel in comparison to biker apparel for men are tastefully designed to meet the overwhelming desire by many lady bikers while engaging in bike riding. Manufacturers have taken this into consideration without slashing the safety aspect.

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Factors to Consider

Most biker apparel tends to be hot. Therefore, care ought to be taken while choosing the right apparel. A number of factors should be considered prior to making your ultimate choice. Some of these factors include the temperature outside, the nature of the ride, the type of the motorcycle, and for most ladies, the aesthetics bits in order to be safe as well as classy at the same time.

If you are considering this last factor, you might want to consider including a studded leather jacket among your biker apparel list of necessities. Not only will this kind of jacket ensure your safety, but moreover, it allows you to still look stylish and trendy while enjoying this type of activity.