How to Clean and Care for Your Leather Motorcycle Vests

With multiple designs now available for both men and women, leather motorcycle vests are becoming more and more popular and a style essential for motorcycle enthusiast. Leather vests are classic, iconic and ever cool and anyone will shine with stunning luster in them. However, leather is one of the hardest materials to clean and to take care off. But don’t worry. All you need is to look for your ideal leather vest as this article will give you top tips on how to care and clean it such that it will outlast other synthetic and natural fiber jackets.

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Read all the instruction on the label of your leather jacket

Before commencing cleaning studded leather jacket, just make sure you have gone through the label special cleaning requirements and you are not missing on any of them. Take into account factors such as the optimal temperature that the vest should be washed at, and the recommended substance to be used to clean the vest among others. I know you may not find anything helpful on some label, but it is always wise to check. If anything, you don’t want to lose your investment just because you did not read the instructions on the label. Always stick to the manufacturer’s instructions; he knows the needs of your vest more than you do.


Give the vest a quick wipe

Always give your motorcycle vests a quick wipe using a damp baby wipe or a cloth. This will definitely remove all loose dirt and dust making it easier for you to clean the vest. A good wipe may sometimes leave your leather vest sparkling clean. However, do not use a lot of water as it may cause the leather to deteriorate.


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Spot cleaning your motorcycle vest

For polished and patent leather vest, their smooth surface makes it easy to spot clean them. Use warm water and moist cloth to get rid of most of the spot and debris. Avoid using soaps or detergents as they may stain the vest or cause it to deteriorate. Use gentle brushing to avoid scratching or tearing your leather and be careful to only clean the surface and not to saturate it with water.


Brushing suede

If you have suede and brushed leathers vests, you will need to treat them quite differently from the polished leather. Note that even water can stain or change their texture. The ideal way to remove loose dirt or slight decoration on the surface of brushed and suede motorcycle vests are to brush them gently with a soft brush. This will work the dirt out and leave your leather vest intact. For more tough stains such as grease and liquids, take your vest to professional leather cleaner.

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Conditioning the leather

For both your polished and brushed leather vests, conditioning will keep them looking best and last longer. All you need to do is to look for a leather conditioner that is specifically designed for the type of leather you have. However, this is not where it ends: make sure to follow the instruction on the conditioner and to condition the leather regularly especially after cleaning it.


Cleaning the lining

Just like the outer surface of your leather vests, the inside can get dirty and should be cleaned regularly. For small spots, you can simply spot clean the lining as we described earlier but this time use a gentle soap. The key thing you must have in mind is to ensure the liquid does not soak in to the leather. Not unless you end up with a vest that looks like it just went through Vietnam War.


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What if you are caught out in the rain?

Well, you never thought about this or possibly it happened and ruined your expensive motorcycle vests. The secret with dealing with rained on leather vest is simple. Just let the leather to air dry. You may use a fan to aid in air movement but do not try to speed up the drying by using heat sources. Once your garment has been adequately dried, a tropical treatment may be necessary.

Hair colognes and gels

Always apply your hair gels and colognes and allow them to dry before putting on your leather vest. This applies for both leather motorcycle vests for men and leather motorcycle vests for women. These hair products normally have a high concentration of alcohol which may make the leather to dry up.

Finally, avoid stickers on your vests. They may look great but trying to remove them ends up damaging the leather. They are not worth it in most cases but the choice is really up to you.