Mens Leather Coats – What Makes Them Ideal

There is no doubt about it; mens leather coats have been men’s wardrobe staple for years. Ever since the first men’s leather coat made an appearance in the late 1950’s, leather has been universally endorsed and accepted as a sign of male machismo, character and personality.

Most Trendy Mens Leather Coats

What Makes Leather That Special?

There is no definite answer to this question. The closest one can guess is probably because leather is durable and never goes out of fashion; but before going into so much detail about what gives leather an edge over the other materials, it is good to first understand what leather is all about. In the simplest words, leather is any tanned, dried, toughened and dyed skin of an animal.

To that point, it is easy to help men get rid of the notion that mens leather coats can only be made from buffalo or cow skin.  Some of the most common materials out of which most mens leather jackets are made include:

  • Lizard skin – It is mostly used to make shoes and belts.  There are coats made from lizard skin though most of them cost quite a fortune. Most leather jackets for men are embossed to give them a lizard skin like look.
  • Pigskin – Sounds funny but pigskin can actually be used to make leather coats.  This is common in South America and some parts of North America too. Jackets made from pigskin are usually smooth and warm enough to keep cold at bay.
  • Ostrich Skin – Popularly known for the bumpy feeling it gives, ostrich skin too can be used to make trendy leather apparel for both men and women.
  • Cowhide – Pretty much self explanatory. Cowhide together with buffalo hide, are so far the most common leather types used to make mens leather coats. The reasons too are to some extend self explanatory, beginning with the fact that cow and buffalo hide are extremely comfortable.
  • Suede leather – Suede is actually cow hide. The only difference is the fact that its s made from the reverse side of cowhide, then roughened till it becomes smooth.


Grey Black Mens Leather Sport Coats

Which Leather Jacket Best Suits A Man?

It is hard to tell, primarily because it depends with what a man wants. Then again, mens leather coats are available in a wide range of styles, designs and cuts. Some of the most common designs include:

  • Button closing jackets
  • Zipper closing jackets
  • Reversible double faced
  • Shorts sports jackets
  • Long leather coats

The list can actually go on and on as boutiques feature more sophisticated designs targeting fashion conscious men. That explains why it is quite common to spot a man with the trendy studded leather jacket, a trend that was common in the 1980s. Vintage mens leather fur coats too are making a comeback. This can only mean one thing – leather is timeless. It just never goes out of fashion.

Sheepskin Mens Leather Fur Coats

Leather and Sports

Mention leather and sports and the first thing one is likely to think of is motorcycle riding.  The reason is simple, in sports – motor sports to be precise – leather is associated with safety. For riders it can prevent abrasion should one collide or skid off the road. For drivers, it means something totally different. Sounds funny but there are now mens leather car coats, specifically meant to give a man a macho look when he’s behind the wheels. Note that with all mens leather sport coats, quality precedes everything. That is why taking time to shop is crucial.  Window-shopping does sound like something most men like to keep off but in the end, it helps one learn about what he’s shopping for and save money.

Black Mens Leather Car Coats by Brooker


Leather is there to stay.  It is that material that in the near future will never miss in any man’s wardrobe. That said, have at least two or three leather jackets with you at any given time. Then, remember that looking good in a leather coat is all about blending the right colors.