The Versatile and All Season Moto Jackets

The moto jacket is a charming fashion piece, which can effortlessly turn any outfit into an interesting, distinctive piece: Whether you wear the jacket on top of a plain t-shirt and jeans or on top of a cocktail dress, it can turn any outfit into a ‘hit’.

Mens Chic Black Moto Jacket

What exactly is a Moto Jacket?

Most moto jackets are made of leather (but come in a variety of materials), and are quite similar to the conventional motorcycle jackets. However, moto jackets are lighter compared to motorcycle jackets. They are basically more of a ‘style outfit’ than a part of a protection gear (as the case with most motorcycle jackets); they feature zip-up closures, collars, are waist length and depict a rugged yet elegant look, for a contemporary style.

Different Styles of Moto Jacket

These jackets come in a variety of designs and styles, to fit the most conservative and the most contemporary individual. Here is a look at the different styles of moto jackets:

  • The classic style – If you like “working” the classic sophisticated look, then you should opt for the vintage leather black moto jacket. Black is great as it can be matched up with any color, but this is not to say that the classic style only comes in black, they are also available in other colors. For instance, a white moto featuring classic features such as zipped cuffs, an asymmetric and side pockets would look great over a pair of jeans or a body-con dress and boots!


  • A contemporary look – For a contemporary style you should opt for a few or one of the few solid colored moto jackets available, such as navy, brown, grey, white and more. These jackets are also available in various prints. With the color blocking style gaining popularity these jackets can make a perfect match for bright colored jeans or pants.


Womens Knit Moto Jacket Back

There are many more styles for both men and women that can be pulled off with a moto-style jacket, so don’t be afraid to buy one that is close to your personal style and blend it well with an outfit of your choice. In addition, these jackets come in various sizes such as the plus size moto jacket, which can add elegance and class to any plus size woman.

The Versatility of the Jacket

The versatility of motor jackets is not only in their various colors, styles and designs; it is also found in the various materials they are made from. Some of these materials include:

  • Leather moto jackets – As previously mentioned, this is the classic material of the moto, and the most common leather apparel. Your moto jacket has the advantage of being a legendary piece that will never go out of fashion.  Another advantage leather moto jackets is that they can be worn by any one in society for a sophisticated look, something that can hardly happen with a studded leather jacket.
  • Textile moto jackets – These are made from knit, shearing and also denim. They are more versatile than the leather version of the moto and may therefore, feature more zips and pockets. They are also available in many different colors and can be worn in various styles. For instance, a knit moto jacket could be paired up with leggings, skirts, and also denim skirts and jeans. The one disadvantage of textile moto jackets is that they are not as durable as leather, they are however easier to clean.


Mens Knit Moto Jacket Black


The moto jacket is a ‘must have’ in your wardrobe. It is a style that will never be out of place no matter the outfit you wear, your body size or season.  That said, stock your wardrobe with them or simply ensure that all your loved ones have them.

Considerations to Make When Selecting Mens Motorcycle Jackets

From popular movies and comic books, mens motorcycle jackets are associated with the ‘bad boy’, macho and adventurous type of men. This assumption has been transferred to ‘real life’ situations, a factor that goes a long way to explain why some men sport the jackets for looks rather than safety. Either way, your jacket as a rider has to be carefully chosen. It is not like any other piece of clothing in your wardrobe so take time to consider some things before buying one.

Fancy Vintage Motorcycle Jackets For Men

Choosing a Motorcycle Jacket

As already hinted, motorcycle jackets for men are not just about the ‘macho’ look or the style. They are an important safety gear for any rider, be it an amateur or an enthusiast. The jacket is capable of protecting riders from injury, in case of an accident; hence, the need to know what to look for when choosing mens motorcycle jackets.  To stay safe, always consider the following:

  • Style – It is always good to look great! That is in fact why some men cannot ride without a studded leather jacket.  That said, select a jacket that is trendy, good looking and stylish. If you are the fun loving kind of man, who loves keeping up with current trends and also likes riding then you might prefer the multi style, multi colored collection of Kawasaki motorcycle jackets for men. On the other hand, if you prefer a unique look and own a vintage bike, you should consider vintage motorcycle jackets for men. Identify what your style is and ‘own it’.


Gothic Style Mens Motorcycle Studded Leather Jackets

  • Material – The material of a motorcycle jacket is an important consideration to make when choosing a jacket. When it comes to the material of a motorcycle jacket you have various options, from leather, to Kevlar and nylon. The type of material you choose should be based on your personal taste and the season you will be wearing it. For instance, the trendy leather has great appeal but you do not want to be adorned with the leather outfit on a hot summer day!  On the other hand, a nylon jacket is great for cold fall and spring nights.


  • Originality – You should opt for original motorcycle jackets to get the best outcome from your jacket. For instance, if you opt for a leather jacket, you should ensure that it is from a manufacturer you can trust to give you pure and original leather, such as from the collection of Honda motorcycle jackets for men.


Red ad White Honda Motorcycle Jackets For Men

  • Safety – This is an important consideration to make when choosing motorcycle jackets. One of the safety features a motorcycle jacket should have is adequate safety pads. Padding on your jacket will ensure your safety in case of a fall. This padding should be about a minimum of 1.2 mm. You can opt for a thicker jacket, but you should consider the fact that it may hold too much weight, which may be uncomfortable riding in. You should also note that, leather jackets hold more protective value than other materials.


  • Ventilation – You should note that most motorcycle jackets are made from materials that ensure warmth, so you should consider looking for a well ventilated jacket. A jacket with vents will allow your body to adequately cool off when you are riding on a hot day. You should also note that motorcycle gear can be a bit “too much”, from the helmet, to the gloves and the jacket, so it would be a relief for your body to get a regular flow of air.


Popular Kawasaki Motorcycle Jackets For Men


The above are just some of the factors to consider when choosing mens motorcycle jackets. You must, however, keep in mind that safety is as important as style when choosing a suitable jacket to ride in. Take time to consider other subtle yet paramount factors such as the brand of your leather jacket, as most reputable brands have already been certified as safe.

What to Look Out For When Buying a Cafe Racer Jacket

The thrill of buying or even hiring your first motorcycle is only tripled by the act of getting kitted out in style with quality protective gear. In other words, motorcycling isn’t really complete without trendy protective gear. That is exactly why the wardrobe of a typical rider includes leather pants and boots, leather gloves, a cafe racer jacket and of course a helmet.  The thrill gets much better and increase to new heights with the roaring engine sound of your new bike. It could be a simple Vespa scooter, a Ducati Multistrada or Harley Softail. Whatever it is protection is always paramount; a factor that can never be emphasized enough. That is where cafe racer jacket and other protective accessories come into play. Just how do you shop for them? What do you look out for?

Pretty Cool Cafe Racer Leather Jacket

Decide What You Want

First, make up your mind on what is most important to you. Is it style, safety or comfort? The feature you give top priority will have a significant impact on the kind of jacket you choose. That said, go for a cafe racer leather jacket that blends the three features all in one piece:

  • Safety 

There is one simple rule here; the thicker the better. The rule pretty much speaks for itself. Thick leather jackets easily prevent abrasion when accidents occur. To stay safe, always go for branded jackets that have recommendation from reputable motorcycling organizations as clubs. Think about it for a moment. A Harley Davidson cafe racer motorcycle jacket may be costly but then again, it will go a long way to protect you from injuries. It will also help you make a bold fashion statement.

Ladies Cafe Racer Motorcycle Jacket

  • Style

Although some riders argue that style is the least important aspect in a café racer jacket, others are of the view that displaying the ideal image when riding is one of the most important elements of a riding experience. Still, others tend to be more conservative and hardly deviate from the classic vintage cafe racer jacket that has been part and parcel of the motorbike racing culture for more than fifty years. For riders that belong to certain motorbike clubs, having motorcycle jacket that fits in with what the other club members have is not negotiable. In that case, your leather outfit must follow a certain code. Remember that with a cafe racer jacket, it is easy to bring out a macho look associated with modern riders. You can for instance go for a studded leather jacket and gloves or simply insure that your jacket zippers and pockets have shinny silver linings that match your bike’s rims and spokes. The options are endless, to say the least.

Awesome to Wear Cafe Racer Jacket

  • Comfort

Nothing brings out confidence in a man and even a woman than comfortable clothing. The same case applies to cafe racer jackets. Always go for comfortable jackets. This can be easily done by sticking to one’s size. Ensure that your jacket fits you well on your back, stomach and shoulder areas and you’ll end up with a jacket that will last for decades. If you will be riding a lot during winter, go for comfortable jacket that effortlessly provides insulation and warmth.

Brown Vintage Cafe Racer Jacket


While the three aforementioned factors stand out as important, other subtle factors such as ensuring your café racer jacket is waterproof or it is value priced are just as important.  Not all cafe racer jackets are water proof or value priced. That is why taking your time to window shop and compare prices is crucial. It may seem tiring at first but in the end, it is always worth your time, energy and of course, money.

Factors to Observe When Shopping For Riding Jackets

If you own a motorbike, then chances are that you have invested in a high quality riding jacket. You may have done so in the name of protecting yourself while riding or just to make a fashion statement. While riding jackets are a key to the trendy style associated with most bike riders, they also play an integral role when it comes to preventing injuries in the event of an accident. Minor accidents easily fling riders across the ground. As a result, dirt, asphalt, concrete, trees, curbs and other surfaces tear into riders’ skins and cause them injuries ranging from gashes to abrasions. While riding jackets cannot protect bikers from all types of injuries, they provide thick layers of extra protection especially in the torso and arm areas.

Cool Vintage Riding Jackets

Protection and Armor

As already hinted, there is nothing that can protect a rider from impacts apart from their gear. With that in mind, protection should always come on top of your priority list when looking for motorcycle riding jackets. Simple padding is the most affordable way to safeguard yourself against injury. Generally speaking though, padding can only come in handy in cases of minor accidents.  Riding jackets that offer the most advanced protection come with reinforced backs, shoulders, elbows and chests. Kevlar and Heavy duty plastic can also be inserted into the riding jacket to act as armor over more vulnerable areas like the chest.

Hint: when shopping for a riding jacket, be sure to check if all inserts move and shift around too much. If they do, keep off the jacket! It is simply a low quality gear and the armor will do you no good in the event of a crash.

Casula Leather Riding Jackets For Everyday

Riding Jacket Material

This is where amateur riders get confused. There are just 3 main or rather popular and reliable riding jacket materials. Apart from providing protection, they also help to keep the rider dry, warm or cool depending on the weather.


Benefits and Flaws


Extremely durable and does not rip easily. As such it is good for keeping cuts and scratches at bay. The material keeps the rider cool as it breathes well. Unless it has a thick interior lining, it is not ideal during winter.


Popular for its sleek and trendy look. By far the best material for motorcycle jackets. Leather riding jackets are ideal for winter and also summer as they have vents. Simply put, they are comfortable and durable.


Extremely light weight as it is made from polyester and nylon. Ideal for summer as it tends to breathe well. Does not provide maximum insulation during winter unless it is lined with woolen material.

Other things you need to look out for in a good riding jacket include:

  • Size – Always go for your size. It will make you comfortable…and confident.
  • Vents – Make sure your jacket has enough vents. Even if it is a studded leather jacket, ensure it has vents under the arms, on the shoulders and at the back. This will prevent excessive sweating and heat exhaustion.
  • Pockets – Enough pockets on a rider jacket are the best alternatives to wearing big backpacks. Ensure that the pockets close securely. They must have cover flaps or zippers.


Yamaha Motorcycle Riding Jackets


Understanding the different types of riding jacket materials will help you to effortlessly choose what is good for you. It should however be noted that of the three materials, leather remains the best one. Experienced riders prefer leather to other materials not just because leather is durable but because most leather riding jackets for men and women have been proven over the years by research and studies to be reliable.

Harley Davidson Leather Riding Jackets For Men

Vintage Motorcycle Jacket – How to Choose the Finest

Ever wondered why motorcycle riders sport all that leather? The reason is simple, if not obvious. Leather is cool, for starters. It brings out the ‘macho’ or ‘high fly’ look often associated with riders. It also offers protection from injuries. With a quality leather jacket, you can be sure of keeping abrasions and scratches at bay should you fall, collide or skid on hard surfaces such as asphalt. It therefore makes perfect sense to shop for a good leather jacket; one that can not only make you look good but also protect you from major and minor injuries. That is where a vintage motorcycle jacket steps into the limelight. So, just how do you shop for vintage style motorcycle jackets?

Brown Vintage Motorcycle Jacket

Purchasing Steps


1.  Check on the Leather Quality

Why leather to begin with? Simple, leather is tough, durable, flexible and resistant to tear. Start by taking time to compare the two main different types of leather; cow and buffalo hide. Of the two, it is easy to think that buffalo is stronger for obvious reasons. Nothing can be further from the truth than such an assumption. They are both similar in durability and strength. It does not end there. Buffalo hide and cow hide are both split leather, which is leather made from the inner or rather the flesh side layers of a hide.  The hide has to be split from grain layers then separated several times till the desired thickness is achieved for manufacturing of leather apparel. This makes both types of leather (cow and buffalo) equal in durability and strength.  It goes an extra mile to explain why your treasured vintage motorcycle jacket was first worn more than fifty years ago before you were born.

Womens Autumn Vintage Style Motorcycle Jackets

2. Be Keen on Style

Make sure your vintage motorcycle jackets for men have the same style as the one from the era you want. This means that your search will be narrowed down to vintage motorcycle jackets for men that have lots of pockets and shinny zippers on those pockets. Keep in mind that there are several distinguishing factors that mens vintage motorcycle jacket had in yester years that they do not have today. Have a picture of the style of vintage jacket you want. This will help you to get familiar with all the features of the jacket you want to buy. Sporting your preferred jacket as soon as you see it should therefore not be a problem at all. Take time to read more about vintage leather jacket styles if by any chance you know little or nothing about vintage leather apparel but you like them anyway.

Dainese Vintage Motorcycle Jackets For Men

3. Watch Where You Shop

Just because a shop claims that they sell vintage motorcycle jacket and other oldies does not mean that they are trustworthy. Vintage might have two completely different meaning for the shop owner and you as the buyer.  That said, do some homework and investigate on common features of genuine vintage jackets; and look out for the following:

  • Wear and tear factors
  • Faded labels
  • Scratches
  • Year of manufacture


Brown Faux  Mens Vintage Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Shopping Online

The process is not different. Take time to scrutinize the picture of the vintage jacket on sale. Look for the same wear and tear factors you would look for in a studded leather jacket sold at a physical store.  Keep in touch with the owner if his or her contact details are provided. If that seems hard, check on reviews and testimonials left by people who shopped on the online store before. One thumb rule when shopping vintage jackets online is to stick to reputable online stores that deal with vintage leather apparel only. This way, chances of getting ripped off can be greatly reduced. 

Finding the Most Suitable Motorcycle Jackets for Men

Unlike cars, motorbikes do not shield riders from impacts. The only way a rider can be prepared for skids and crashes is by putting on protective gear, which can never be complete without rider jackets. That said, shopping for quality motorcycle jackets in inevitable.

Fashion Trend Motorcycle Jackets For Men

Popular Options

It all starts by understanding the different types of motorcycle jackets for men available. Each type offers a different level of style as well as protection.   A brief insight into these purposes can make the shopping process easier and fun.  Popular motorcycle riding jackets for men include:

  • Classic – Classic riding jackets are all about fashion. They are heavily ornamented and come with little to no protection. A studded leather jacket falls into this category.
  • Traditional – Traditional leather motorcycle jackets for men are very basic.  They are not decorated or adorned with graphics and designer features. Like classic riding jackets, they offer low protection. They are however form fitting and feature vented fabric.
  • Race – They offer high and advanced protection with padding, thick fabric and armor. Often decorated with graphics, they provide maximum safety to riders, are form fitting and aerodynamic.
  • Retro – They boast of modern shapes and feature vintage patches or graphics. Their safety level often range from heavy to nonexistent protection.
  • Sport – They boast of all the protection features of racing jackets without aerodynamic and graphic features.
  • Rain – They are designed to keep riders dry when raining. They are made with lightweight and waterproof materials. A rain motorcycle jacket can be worn over another jacket.
  • Touring – They are all about comfort. Their protection levels vary from high to low. Ideal for trendy riders as they feature several pockets, hydration systems and loose fits.

Cheap Slim Korean Style Motorcycle Jackets For Men

Other Factors

Understanding the types of motorcycle jackets for men is not enough.  Other factors such as where to find cheap motorcycle jackets for men have to be considered as well. Some of these factors include:

  • Sizing – leather motorcycle jackets for men come in different sizes. Finding your size should therefore be an easy task.  The golden rule here is to go for your size. A fitting jacket will allow flexibility when riding. An oversized or undersized one on the other hand will not allow comfort and flexibility even if the rider sits in different positions, something that can easily result in an accident.

Awesome Motorcycle Riding Jackets For Men

  • Pockets – motorcycle jackets for men do not feature a lot of storage space. Finding storage space to store things like wallets, keys and phones can therefore be a tad difficult. However, that does not mean that in any way that finding a motorcycle jacket with enough pockets is impossible. It only takes a little more patience while window shopping. Pockets can be perfect alternatives to purchasing side bags or putting on uncomfortable backpacks.
  • Vents – most riders hardly consider vents yet it is one of the most important factors to consider when looking for motorcycle jackets for men. Vents on the shoulders, the back and under the arms always keep excessive sweating and exhaustion at bay.
  • Liners – liners are removable interior fabrics. They either snap or zip inside, giving riders the flexibility of putting on the same jacket in summer or in winter by simply removing or adding a liner. Note that jackets with liner are not expensive as most riders tend to believe. Most of them are value priced. It is all about shopping at the right places.

Expensive Leather Motorcycle Jackets For Men and Women

Final Thoughts

Remember to take good care of your jacket once you have it in your wardrobe. Wash it according to instructions and always keep it away from direct sunlight. That way, your jacket will last for long and save you from the inconvenience of shopping for another one every year.