Vintage Motorcycle Jacket – How to Choose the Finest

Ever wondered why motorcycle riders sport all that leather? The reason is simple, if not obvious. Leather is cool, for starters. It brings out the ‘macho’ or ‘high fly’ look often associated with riders. It also offers protection from injuries. With a quality leather jacket, you can be sure of keeping abrasions and scratches at bay should you fall, collide or skid on hard surfaces such as asphalt. It therefore makes perfect sense to shop for a good leather jacket; one that can not only make you look good but also protect you from major and minor injuries. That is where a vintage motorcycle jacket steps into the limelight. So, just how do you shop for vintage style motorcycle jackets?

Brown Vintage Motorcycle Jacket

Purchasing Steps


1.  Check on the Leather Quality

Why leather to begin with? Simple, leather is tough, durable, flexible and resistant to tear. Start by taking time to compare the two main different types of leather; cow and buffalo hide. Of the two, it is easy to think that buffalo is stronger for obvious reasons. Nothing can be further from the truth than such an assumption. They are both similar in durability and strength. It does not end there. Buffalo hide and cow hide are both split leather, which is leather made from the inner or rather the flesh side layers of a hide.  The hide has to be split from grain layers then separated several times till the desired thickness is achieved for manufacturing of leather apparel. This makes both types of leather (cow and buffalo) equal in durability and strength.  It goes an extra mile to explain why your treasured vintage motorcycle jacket was first worn more than fifty years ago before you were born.

Womens Autumn Vintage Style Motorcycle Jackets

2. Be Keen on Style

Make sure your vintage motorcycle jackets for men have the same style as the one from the era you want. This means that your search will be narrowed down to vintage motorcycle jackets for men that have lots of pockets and shinny zippers on those pockets. Keep in mind that there are several distinguishing factors that mens vintage motorcycle jacket had in yester years that they do not have today. Have a picture of the style of vintage jacket you want. This will help you to get familiar with all the features of the jacket you want to buy. Sporting your preferred jacket as soon as you see it should therefore not be a problem at all. Take time to read more about vintage leather jacket styles if by any chance you know little or nothing about vintage leather apparel but you like them anyway.

Dainese Vintage Motorcycle Jackets For Men

3. Watch Where You Shop

Just because a shop claims that they sell vintage motorcycle jacket and other oldies does not mean that they are trustworthy. Vintage might have two completely different meaning for the shop owner and you as the buyer.  That said, do some homework and investigate on common features of genuine vintage jackets; and look out for the following:

  • Wear and tear factors
  • Faded labels
  • Scratches
  • Year of manufacture


Brown Faux  Mens Vintage Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Shopping Online

The process is not different. Take time to scrutinize the picture of the vintage jacket on sale. Look for the same wear and tear factors you would look for in a studded leather jacket sold at a physical store.  Keep in touch with the owner if his or her contact details are provided. If that seems hard, check on reviews and testimonials left by people who shopped on the online store before. One thumb rule when shopping vintage jackets online is to stick to reputable online stores that deal with vintage leather apparel only. This way, chances of getting ripped off can be greatly reduced.