Choosing the Best Motorcycle Chaps

Motorcycle chaps are among the basic gears that every rider needs to have for the safest ride. Chaps do not only protect the lower part of your body from getting bruises during accidents but has other greater benefits to making your ride more comfortable and enjoyable. They can protect your legs from getting injuries in the event that you are involved in an accident. Besides, leather motorcycle chaps also make you stand out in great style when on the bike. In order to also look great and feel more secure while on the bike, it would be great if you also acquire a studded leather jacket. This will make you complement the dressing well and enhance protection to the other parts of the body, too.

Milwaukee Leather Gunslinger Motorcylce Chaps

There is a wide range of chaps in the market that you can always choose from. Thus, there is no doubt that you can always get leather jackets that perfectly match the chaps that you need. Denim motorcycle chaps are also ideal in ensuring that you get the required protection and look when riding.

Choosing the best motorcycle chaps can be quite challenging to most bikers. This can be attributed to the variety of designs and styles in the market. In order to get the perfect fit of chaps, there are certain factors that you need to consider. In order to find out, continue reading!

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Tips on How to Choose the Right Chaps for Motorcycles

Before you go ahead to buy any chaps or leather jackets to use for your everyday ride, it is advisable that you read the following tips in order to make an ideal choice.

1.      Check whether they are made from genuine leather

Leather chaps are known to be the best for riders because of the sturdy materials that they are made of. However, there are also others that are not made of real leather. Thus, you should take time to carefully examine the chaps in order to get the best quality. Today, there are renowned brands motorcycle brands that make their own protective gear. It would be better if you obtained yours from such outlets since they do not manufacture fake leather clothing. Note that quality leather can serve you for quite a long time.

2.      Look for the right size

Chaps for bikers are available in a wide range of sizes to fit the needs of different people. Thus, it is always important that you know the right size that can suit you when shopping. This will save you so much time wasted in trying out several sizes in search of your perfect fit. The most common sizes are small, medium, large and extra large. Be sure to know where you fall in order to get your ideal match easily.

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3.      Compare the various designs

Today, it is quite easy to get clothing that is designed to your personal tastes and style due to the flexibility offered by manufacturers. There are custom motorcycle chaps and those that come with fixed designs that cannot be changed. Custom-made chaps are great since they come in the perfect design and size that specifically suits you. Chaps can be made to ensure that they bear your favorite quote, color and style. In fact, custom made designs are quite unique. However, you will need to make an order in prior so that the request is considered during the manufacturing process.

4.      Consider the kind of weather that you will be riding on

Chaps are made for different kinds of weather. It is for this reason too that you will find them made from different materials. Predicting the weather may be challenging to most people, however, it is advisable that you at least have a clue on the climate of the area where you will be riding. There are chaps that are made for hot, snowy and windy weather. If you are going to ride on cold weather, you should choose heavier chaps and light ones for hot weather.

Leather Motorcycle Chaps For Men

Additional Tips

Motorcycle chaps vary in prices, thus, you should take time to first make comparisons based on your design and size. The cheapest ones are not always the best since in some cases, quality may be compromised. There are several designs of quality chaps that are offered at affordable rates to choose from.

Motorcycle Suit the Ultimate Protection Gear While Riding

Owning a motorcycle signifies great prestige but it is quite imperative that an individual has the best motorcycle suit whenever they ride. Taking extra caution when purchasing this protective gear would ensure an individual have exciting and safe riding experience for many years. However, it is a complex venture for a first timer buyer; this is because in the market they are countless leather suits products. A lot of these individuals visit a motorcycle dealer armed with all sort of recommendations and questions from their friends, while this is important the friends might not have the precise knowledge of a quality suit or good fitting attire.

 Hot Motorcycle Suit For Women

Prior to deciding what one piece motorcycle suit to purchase, it is imperative to conduct comprehensive research and gather all relevant information concerning this piece of protective gear. For instance, a 1 or 2 piece suit is typically an important investment to a number of riders. The issue of cost is one critical factor that limits riders from wearing a suit or at the end result in buying a low quality wear. Though owning a motorbike suit is an expensive venture, it is worth all the cost since the life of the rider is at stake.

When at the shop, an individual would see countless motorbike suits both high and low end suits. However, the underlying factor for an ideal studded leather jacket is the amount of attributes it encompasses. For instance, the quality of armor, type of stitching, the amount of stitching the suit has, leather quality, and the quality of the suit interiors. The more costly the raw materials are and longer it took to manufacture, the expensive the end product would be. Just like other products in the market, an individual would be able to get what they are capable of paying for, and thus a poorly made suit cost less and protects less.

Universal Design Dark Knight Motorcycle Suit Replica

The following are some features to check when buying motorcycle suit:

  • The type of leather, either goat, kangaroo or cowhide
  • Leather weight and its thickness
  • Perforation features and mode of venting
  • Padding mode and protection
  • Mode of spine protection, inserts, or aero hump
  • Slider mode and hardness
  • Quantity and type of stitching
  • Internal coating, removability
  • The kind of stretch material used
  • Snaps-ins or insert pockets for back protectors

Firstly, it is important that individuals know that motorbike protective gear made of leather is the best as compared to those gears made from other textiles. This is because gears made of other fabric are lightweight, and comfortable when riding but are not effective in protecting the rider incase an accident happens.

Cool Tron Legacy Motorcycle Suit

Qualities of Tron Motorcycle Suit

The qualities of tron motorcycle suit make it difficult to tear or burn when the ride is involved in a crash slide experience. This is as opposed to other motorcycle suits. However, it is important to take much time in conducting shopping since different manufacturers have different leather quantity and thus this would affect the final quality of the suit.

Most of dark knight motorcycle suit are available in either one or two piece varieties. One piece variety offers the best protection compared to the two piece variety. This is because they have fewer seams subjected to tear when the rider is involved in an accident. The two piece variety is faintly more flexible than the one piece due to the fact that it can be unzipped up-to the waist level. Currently, technology has enabled motorbike suit manufactures to produce hi-tech suits that encompass injection of molded hard-plastic protection aspects. This technology ensures to combine both leather protections with shock-absorbing hard body shell features.

Moto Gp One Piece Motorcycle Suit

Lastly, a good motorcycle suit should have the impact absorbing shell. Currently, hi-tech suits ought to be CE Approved, thus they should have a hard plastic and a multi-layered memory froth shield placed at all critical impact zones. While buying the suit the client should ensure to look at the following protection zones:

  • Shoulders
  • Spine
  • Elbows
  • Thighs
  • Shins
  • Knees
  • Chest
  • Hips

A modern motorcycle suit should also have exterior hard plastic shield in a number of zones. This would serve to protect the rider well by placing more protection shield as the first line of defense once a crash is experienced.

The Importance of Motorcycle Helmets

Riding a motorcycle is fun, exhilarating and gives the rider a distinct sense of satisfaction when whizzing past the wind. However, one of the biggest problems that plague many bikers is maintaining their safety standards, which can be extremely wise should they happen to be involved in an accident. One of the most vital components needed for enhancing safety to riders is obtaining excellent motorcycle helmets.

Daytona Motorcycle Helmets

As per very recent medical findings, it has been discovered that brain damage happens to be one of the frequent consequence of most motorcycle deaths. And this can be curbed if bikers endeavor to procure these products. Motorcycle helmets are meant for providing protection to their wearers by absorbing the impact of head collision. This knowledge makes it essential to purchase a helmet that is crafted from appropriate material.

Essential Qualities

A good product should be lightweight, crack-resistant and tough enough to withstand the shock of impact. The impact resistance of these important components of safe motorcycle riding can be accurately determined by their shapes and sizes, and also the mandatory relevant safety stickers on them.

The next critical factor that a prudent biker should consider when buying these products is the comfort they will provide to them while riding. It is, thus, vital to pick a helmet that doesn’t encumber you and better if it can match your fashion sense.

Pink Stylish Womens Motorcycle Helmets
Different Motorcycle Helmet Types

  • Full face helmets

When it comes to the best types of these helmets to get in relation to safety standards, full face helmets happen to be the most secure variety, and naturally, the right to purchase.
The first thing to reflect upon when it comes to this variety is to ensure that they can eliminate any distractions and more to the point discomfort while riding. It is critical to procure one that is a perfect fit to your head, and feels soft at all contact positions with the skull.  Motorcycle helmets come in a diverse range of colors, shapes and designs from which you can pick the right one that fits your distinct needs.

  • Half face helmets 

The half face helmet on its part is also good for maintaining high safety levels, and even provides a wider view of the road while riding. The visor that protects a biker’s face and eyes should be made of a tough material that should also be scratch- resistant to ensure a clear view. Its inner padding and linings ought to be clean and assembled appropriately. And it is important to ascertain its sweat absorption capabilities, which ensures that the helmet doesn’t start to reek.

  • Custom motorcycle helmets

To make your purchase even better, you are now in a position to choose from a wide range of striking custom-made helmets. These products are eye catching and crafted based on the given theme you prefer, which can make you stand out from the rest of the pack.

Very Cool Custom Motorcycle Helmets

  • Helmets for women

Women are not left out, and there are diverse fun and funky womens motorcycle helmets that not only enhance the safety of female bikers, but also significantly lay a strong emphasis on their unmatched style and taste. The conventional helmet that most women use is the half face that gives arguably one of the highest safety standards when it comes to head impacts. Despite this, some female bikers prefer the open face helmet that offers a touch of sophistication and a high level of personal comfort for them.

Go a step further with a studded leather jacket

To cap it up one other critical biking accessory that you might need in your wardrobe is a high quality studded jacket made from leather. This completes your professional biker look with a distinctly unique style that will make you the envy of other bikers. These jackets come in a wide range of styles from which you can choose the right one. Unlike other biking apparel, these jackets are never out of fashion, and happen to be extremely versatile in looking great in all four climatic seasons.

Coal 'N Terry Studded Leather Jacket

Biking, like aforementioned, offers a unique kick to its revelers and if you might be considering the safe and best way of joining the pack having these crucial gears is appropriate. If you can’t afford these products, you can also acquire cheap motorcycle helmets that can suit your needs without compromising on your safety.

What to Keep In Mind When Shopping For Quality Motorcycle Clothing

Leather motorcycle clothing is not all about safety. It is also about looking good or stunning if you may. As such, if you are out to buy a leather jacket or vest with an attitude, the rest of your outfit; from your t-shirt to pants, should also show some attitude. Sounds complicated but the gist of the whole thing is something like this; a trim cut studded leather jacket does not blend well with slim fitting, brown, casual khaki pants. It all boils down to how smart one is when it comes to blending trendy colors and designs.

Hot Black Studded Leather Jacket

The Perfect Fit

It all starts with finding the perfect fit. In other words, getting your size right and keeping off anything that is either too small or too big.  With that in mind always remember the following:

  • A good, fitting motorcycle leather jacket should comfortably hug your shoulders – both of them. It should not slouch off them.
  • Good motorcycle clothing must be slim, snug and cool. That said, don’t be afraid to try on different motorcycle clothing brands. One brand’s medium size may be another’s small size, you’ll never know!
  • Slim sleeves should not be too long. Unfortunately, motorcycle clothing cannot be tailored like suits can, so jus stick to the rule.
  • A good jacket should not reach halfway down one’s thighs. Just like a good denim jacket, your leather jacket should hit right at your waist.


Basic Heated Motorcycle Clothing

Brand Matters

There’s no two way about it. Quality brands may be expensive but they offer value for money. Take heated motorcycle clothing from Harley Davidson for instance. They boast of DOT recommendation and are way above comfortable. What’s more, they last and often leave lasting impressions. Italian leather jackets on the other hand are all about making fashion statements and also maintaining high safety standards. Bottom line? The more you pay for motorcycle clothing, the better quality you get.

Color and Visibility

Not something so many riders give much thought but color really matters. Unless you are part of an urban motorcycle club with bright colors as part of the club uniform, just keep off bright colors. Black is and will always be the best color for motorcycle clothing. Brown too is cool, though you have to get it right and blend it well with other colors such as beige. Keep off jackets with too much patches and graphics. As of visibility, always sport a jacket that can be visible at night should you forget your reflective strip at home or drop it as you ride.

Motorcycle Winter Clothing For Men and Women

Warmth and Comfort

Riding in extreme weather conditions is not easy. Your jacket, pants and gloves should cover you well to ensure that you keep warm at night or any cold situation like riding during winter. Most vintage motorcycle clothing offer good warmth and comfort, so if vintage or rather retro is your style, you are safe. Ensure too that your jacket is breathable, especially if you’ll be riding for long under hot weather conditions. Check the armpit, rib and shoulder areas just to be sure that your jacket has vents. Comfort is all about size as already hinted, so stick to your size.

Cool Vintage Motorcycle Clothing For The Ladies


Comfort and safety complement each other when it comes to choosing the right motorcycle gear. Unfortunately, not so many riders take time to give safety a second thought. This shouldn’t be so given that most motorcycle apparels come with care labels and information that give a glimpse into their quality. It takes just a little extra effort and patience to window shop and understand the flaws as well as benefits of your preferred leather gear, so roll up your sleeves and start window shopping.

Evaluating Quality When Shopping For Motorcycle Apparel

Motorcycle riders often have to put a lot of thought into buying the right motorcycle apparel.  This is precisely because safety remains critically important when shopping for the right gear. Criteria such as Snell, Harley Davidson and DOT recommendations provide riders with guidelines as well as additional assurance regarding helmets. But what about other important protective gear like motorcycle apparel for men? Is there any pointer or recommendation? Unfortunately no safety rating and standards exist. There are, however, simple safety factors that a buyer can observe when buying such kinds of apparel on his or her own.

Korean Design Motorcycle Apparel For Men

Areas That Offer the Most Protection

Consider areas of the upper torso that should be well protected. Why so, these are the areas that often face great impact should a rider collide. The areas include shoulders, back and forearms.  These areas suffer great injuries even on minor skids; from abrasion and bruising to deep tissue injuries. That said, make a note of how well your Honda motorcycle apparel is designed in the said areas.  Does it have double layering with tanned leather or synthetic materials like Kevlar or ballistic nylon?  If the answer to these questions is a resounding no, stay away from such a jacket as it will not do you any good in critical areas susceptible to bruises and abrasion.

Gray and Black Honda Motorcycle Apparel

In the event of a collision, crash or skid the right motorcycle apparel should accomplish the following:

  • Prevent friction burns, cuts and gravel rash
  • Prevent burns should the motorbike end up on top of the rider
  • Reduce severity of joint damage and fractures
  • Prevent skin and muscle tissue from getting stripped off the body


Of course leather is the main material here. Kevlar and nylon only come into the picture when considering how strong impact areas have been reinforced. Many motorcycle jackets use hard protection extras that offer additional protection. With that in mind, make sure that no protective extra compromises comfort.  At the end of the day, it is up to you to determine what best meets your needs and standards.

 Harley Davidson Motorcycle Apparel For Women and Men


This is actually one of the most important factors that riders should consider. Most motorcycle apparel for women have enough vents, so women are on the safe side. If you’re riding for long or even for just a few hours in extreme weather conditions, then ensure that your jacket is well ventilated. In simple words, it should breath. Venting on most motorcycle apparel is usually found on the armpit area and above the chest. Removable liners also provide flexibility, as they allow riders to adjust their jackets according to the weather conditions.


How visible are you at night in your studded leather jacket?  Reflective panels can do the trick but there are always instances when one forgets about them. Be smart and get a leather jacket that can be easily spotted by other motorists at night.


The seam and hem areas of your leather jacket should be strong enough not to tear should you stretch more than you should.  Poor stitching indicates weakness in the overall apparel. To stay safe, go for jackets that feather double stitching.

Black and Gray Armored Motorcycle Apparel

Evaluating Quality

There is no doubt at all that evaluating quality when shopping for your motorcycle apparel and protective gear is not easy.  It is however necessary as it can mean getting value for your money or getting ripped. If unsure of what to buy, have a motorcycle enthusiast accompany you to the store. Remember to also do your own research and compare prices. Life is priceless, so don’t fear investing in a leather jacket that will last for long and keep you safe each time you ride.

Shopping For the Right Motorcycle Jacket – The Pitfalls To Avoid

With so many motorcycle leather coats and jackets styles to choose from, settling for one that gives you value for money can be daunting.  The only thing that can come to your rescue is understanding the unique features of each style and possibly it flaws. From there, you can go for what suits your needs with ease.  Some of the most common styles include the following:

Womens CLassic Motorcycle Leather Suits

  • Classic – They have everything to do with fashion. The only flaw that comes with them is the fact that they come with little to no protection. They are also heavily ornamented.
  • Sport – The name speaks it all. They are the best fit for riders as they feature high protection standards against injuries. They don’t have much graphics, so they are not all that about fashion.
  • Race – Like sporting jackets, race jackets also feature high protection standards. They come complete with notables such as padding, thick fabric and armor. They are form fitting and specially designed to provide the most safety.
  • Rain – Designed to keep the rider dry in rain; they are made of lightweight and waterproof material.
  • Touring – They are all about comfort.  Some feature hydration systems, some do not. Touring jacket highlights include sizeable pockets, high protection standards and loose fits.
  • Retro – They are all about bringing back the old.  Some have modern graphics but all of them have vintage patches and graphics. They don’t match well with specific motorcycle leather pants, so be cautious when trying to look good in retro leather jackets.


Honda Motorcycle Leather

Choosing the Best Fit

Right from the word go, any motorcycle leather outfit should be all about protection. Fashion comes in second. That said, always consider the following when shopping for motorcycle leather suits.


It’s simple. Choose a studded leather jacket that fits you. This can be easy if you know your size and body type. Riders should however keep in mind that not all brands use the same measuring or rather sizing standards. What may be medium in one brand may be small in another. To beat that confusion, try to fit your jacket and ensure that the following areas fit you well:

  • The chest area
  • The elbow bent
  • Shoulders
  • Waist area


Authentic Burberry Studded Leather Jacket


Not something so many riders consider but pockets do count when shopping for a motorcycle leather gear.  Other gear such as motorcycle pants should also have enough pockets. This will save you from the hassle for carrying uncomfortable backpacks.  Keep off any gear with buttons. Stick to zippers as they bring out a unique style and add a little bit of charm to your looks.

3.      Vents

Your motorcycle leather outfit has to be breathable by all means.  Ignore this aspect and you will find it impossible to ride in a motorcycle leather jacket during summer. Vents allow leather jackets to breath well, so be sure to check on the shoulder, underarm and back areas of your jacket. These are areas that must sizeable vents.

4.      Liners

The trick here is to go for a jacket that snaps or zips on the inside. This will give you the flexibility of sporting the same jacket anytime you want by simply adding or removing the liner. Note that leather jackets with removable liners are a little bit costly, so be ready to part with some extra cash for a leather jacket with liners.

Classic Motorcycle Leather Jacket


Don’t just fall for the looks of a motorcycle leather gear. What they say is true; looks can be deceiving. Take time to understand the quality of your desired leather jacket, its flaws and benefits. Then understand your style and choose a color that brings out the best in you.