What to Look for When Shopping for Men’s Leather Vests

From the time they first saw the light of the day way back in the 17th century till now, there is no doubt at all that leather vests for men have come a long way. Once reserved for circumstance and pomp, the vests are slowly becoming an integral part of the modern man’s wardrobe.

Cool Leather Vest For Men

The growing popularity enjoyed by leather vest for men can be attributed to the fact that they come in different styles; each befitting a certain male character or rather personality. Sportsmen for instance put on the leather vests with several pockets that can store their sporting accessories or protect them from minor injuries on their stomach, chest and back areas. Their fashion savvy and outgoing counterparts on the other hand sport the vests to make bold fashion statements and to store hunting or fishing gear respectively. It does not end there. Athletes train and work out with leather vest for men to increase endurance and speed before a big event or gig.

The most popular leather vest for men, the suit vest, continues to evolve both in style and functionality.  It is because of all these factors that shopping for the ideal leather vest for men is a tad difficult. However, with just a few considerations up your sleeve, shopping for a vest and other apparels that complement it such as a studded leather jacket should be easy. Just consider the following tips.

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Factors to Look At



The pattern chosen for a man’s leather vest is often the dominant feature or rather the outstanding thing. Men can spot simple leather vests with innovative patterns that make bold fashion statements or they can wear simple patterned vests that promote conservative looks. Either way, it is good to keep off cheap leather vests for men that have contrasting patterns and colors that lack sophistication.

Jay Z P Diddty Wearing Black Leather Vest For Men


While vest patterns often demonstrate a man’s personal taste, the material used to make the vest goes a long way to provide warmth and comfort. Leather vests lined with wool on the inside posses breathing capabilities that repel moisture and retain warm air. They are therefore perfect for extremely cold weather conditions. Pure leather vests on the other hand complement solid colored and plain short sleeve shirts, all in the name of making a fashion statement.


Simple yet trendy designs like the Korean leather jacket or standard button up leather vests are considered retro by men. They bring about an image that never falls out of style. This is where color comes in too. With a good black leather vest for men or even a brown leather vest for men a striking image that will linger on an onlooker’s mind can be brought to life. The vests can be worn with buttons either closed or opened depending on how formal or informal an occasion is. Leather vests that require durability like biker, weighted outwear vests often have zippers to ensure that the leather vest remains tight but comfortable around a man’s midsection and shoulders. Keep in mind that size also matters in determining comfort. That said, always go for a vest that fits you well. If it’s too big or too small, just leave it and find your size.

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Final Tips

Always choose a vest based on the accessory you plan to wear with the vest. Accessories easily accentuate style and also provide functional utility. You can for instance buy a cheap leather vest to complement classic or aviator style sunglasses. You can go an extra mile to select a vest that will match your belt, tie or shoes.  The secret is understanding how to blend colors.