Choosing and Selection Tips for Mens Leather Motorcycle Vest

On any given day, it is easy to spot a man or two with men’s leather motorcycle vests or jackets. The former is quintessentially common apparel that has gone far beyond the motorcycle culture. Within the culture itself, they are part and parcel of the required uniform. That however, does not mean that you cannot express some individuality with mens leather motorcycle vest. There is simply a wide range of leather motorcycle jackets, coats and vests on sale everywhere; but even with all the styles and models, chances are that you will end up buying tow of the most common mens leather motorcycle vest styles, which are:

Basic River Road Mens Leather Motorcycle Vest

Rebel Ryder

The style doubles up as a brand name too, responsible for original and value priced leather apparel. Far from the brand, Rebel Ryder as motorcycle vest style features two large front pockets ideal for keeping your license, keys or even a wallet.  The style is available in different sizes, so be sure to buy one that fits you well.

Diamond Plate

It is also a style that doubles up as a brand name. The style’s highlights feature fine embroidery or patches for riders who love a rugged look. Like Rebel Ryder, Diamond Plate offers two large front pockets for storing valuables.

Hanteiz  Leather Motorcycle Vest For Men

Why Size Matters

Size comes in handy for three important things; safety, comfort and of course, looking good. The right size will keep you comfortable when riding. This will save you from shifting in different position when riding, if say you have an unfitting vest, something that can obviously put your life at risk.  That said, never buy an oversized or an undersized vest. Always go for what fits you. That way, you will always enjoy your ride and more importantly, you will stay safe.


Any fashion conscious rider knows that it is good to keep off bright colors. Such colors can easily cause distraction to other riders or even start fading and result in any ugly look. Most leather motorcycle vest for men are available in different colors so be sure to find a good color that can be worn to any occasion. Black as already hinted is ideal. It can easily blend with your bike color, shoes, pants or even bandana.

Denim Mens Black Leather Motorcycle Vest

How to Sport a Cool Look with Leather Motorcycle Vest

Nothing speaks relaxation in high and clear tones like a classy mens leather motorcycle vest. All you need to do is to pick one with a cool cut on the chest area and you simply transform into a million buck rider or at least a look that resembles that amount. Keep in mind that other factors count when trying to look good in mens leather motorcycle vests.  With that in mind, be keen on:

  • Your choice of colors
  • Size
  • Design
  • Patterns on the vest

If all you need is a rugged, macho look, then a studded leather jacket would be your best bet. If on the other hand you want a semi casual look, a mens black leather motorcycle vest without studs would be ideal.  It all boils down to what you want.

Mens Icon Leather Motorcycle Vests


Leather vest are trendy, no doubt about that. It is however easy to miss the point and dress down with one.  That is exactly why observing the unwritten code of dressing already hinted is crucial. Such ‘codes’ aside, it is important to take good care of your leather vest. It is simple, it is affordable and like you may have already guessed, mandatory.  That is where leather protecting sprays and leather conditioning balms come into the picture. Use the latter at least once a year and the former anytime you want to keep your leather motorcycle vest looking new.  Then always avoid storing your jacket in direct sunlight.