Custom Leather Jackets

Custom leather jackets are made as per the user specifications.

Comfy Custom Leather Jackets For Men

You must first send a custom request to the designer with the specifications included. This enables you acquire the specific design of studded leather jacket, custom leather jackets for men, custom made leather jackets, custom leather motorcycle jackets that suit your sense of style.

  • The maker will then determine the price with regard to the size and special features to be included when making the jacket. It is however recommended that you try on the garment at your local dealer.
  • It is advisable to purchase a ready-made leather jacket with similar specifications, rather than ordering a similar jacket since custom leather jackets cost more and take longer to make.
  • The custom leather jackets have around 8-10 weeks production time.

Justice World Tour Custom Made Leather Jackets

Types of Leather Material

It is also important to choose the favorites color of the leather before embarking specifically on choosing the best design of a leather jacket to request for.

  • Leather types and colors for the user to choose from may include sheep black, sheep brown, sheep red, sheep brown antique, goat reddish brown, goat beige, goat green, goat dark brown, cow hide brown, cowhide camel, cowhide orange among others.

Windproof Custom Leather Jackets


As seen in the above paragraphs, there is no specific price tag for custom leather jackets. The prices are determined particularly by the type of the leather and the amount of the leather to be used. This is determined in accordance with the amount of detail work to be put into it. A large long sleeve jackets with special designs will obviously cost more than a plain long sleeve jacket or a sleeveless jacket. This is because of the amount of leather to be used and the amount of detail work to be put into it, as mentioned earlier. Similarly a nappa leather type jacket will cost more than a nubuck leather type jacket basing on the type and quality of the leather.

Measurement for Custom Made Clothing

The user’s paramount interest is to have the correct size of a custom made leather jacket. It is thus advisable to make specific measurements personally before embarking on ordering for a custom made jacket. It is thus important to follow the below tips which will help one order the correct size of a leather jacket:-

  • Neck – measure around the middle of your neck (at the Adam’s apple), keeping one finger between the neck and the tape measure for a comfortable fit.
  • Chest – raise your arm slightly and measure around your body. Be sure to cross over your shoulder blades and the fullest part of your chest while keeping the tape parallel to the ground.
  • Shoulder – measure from the edge of the left shoulder point to the edge of the right shoulder along the top of the shoulder just below the collar.
  • Upper arm (biceps area) – wrap the tape tightly around the widest part of your upper arm.
  • Sleeve – place your hand on your hip bent at a 90 degree angle them measure from the shoulder to the wrist.
  • Waist – measure around the waist where your pants usually fall keeping one finger between the tape and the waist.
  • Hips – stand with your heels together and measure around the widest part of your hips while keeping the tape parallel to the ground.

Cool Custom Leather Motorcycle Jackets

Shopping for Leather Jacket

It is advisable, when shopping for a leather jacket, to choose a maker who makes leather jackets at a relatively low price. It’s not a must you go for the big design names that are out to sell their trade marks. Go for a good leather jacket designer who charges a relatively low price to make. It is however sensible to do some market research before settling on a particular designer. The research will enable you to identify the designer whose products give you maximum satisfaction to at a minimal price. Some of the popular leather jacket dealers include Cosy Leather makers in Manhattan New York; Vanson leathers; Logan Riese custom leather jackets that are known for their stylish designs

For exclusive and stylish custom made leather jacket designs with special features inscribed, carver or engraved on them such as graffiti’s and motifs, make an order at Logan Riese in Los Angeles, California. They give the user an exclusive and stylish look in them.