Tips to Consider When Shopping for Mens Leather Coats

Seldom does one find the right fit for a dress and for mens leather coats. In as much as the proposition could be farfetched, nothing probably speaks the truth about men’s leather apparel than the comparison. Sounds strange but people actually find it difficult if not hard to get the right combination and blend of mens leather coats utility and style. If there are coats available, they may not be fitting enough or the color may not be appealing; but like any fashion savvy man would tell you, it takes just a few considerations so as to get it right with men’s leather coats.

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Selection Tips

  • Know your style – Mens leather coats come in three different styles; bomber, biker or varsity. Identify what looks good on you and stick to it. If in doubt, ask your friends which style looks good on you.
  • Size variations – The thumb rule here is to stick to what is fitting. If your preferred coat is a little bit too small or big, try another one. A good coat has to be as fitting as a Cinderella shoe. It will boost your confidence but most importantly; it will make you feel comfortable.
  • Type and quality – Leather coats have come a long way.  The quality of today’s leather jacket isn’t certainly what it was 50 years ago.  Generally, softer leather makes a good coat but people have their own preferences. That said, go for the type and quality of a leather coat that can guarantee you nothing short of value for money.
  • Price– a studded leather jacket may be pricier than an ordinary leather jacket. A designer one on the other hand may be way too expensive for an ordinary man to afford. That does not in any way guarantee quality. Take time to compare prices and learn more about the best mens leather coats and jackets.


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What’s So Special In Leather Coats?

Leather is an amazingly soft and supple material.  It feels good against the skin, it is warm and being a natural hide, it breathes. It conforms to the shape of the wearer’s body and gets better as it ages.  All these can be attributed to the fact that quality leather coats are made from the hide of a fully grown cow.  Napa hide, which is made from sheep, lamb and goat skins, is yet another common material used to make quality leather coats for men. Deer and kangaroo skin can also be used but jackets made from their hide tend to me rare and costly.

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Which Type Best Suits All Men?

It is hard to answer the question with certainty. It all boils down to one’s preferences and deep understanding of the types of leather jackets available in any given store.

  • Biker/Rider Coat – They are normally made of stronger and heavier weight leather. They are lined to protect motorcycle riders from harsh weather conditions and injuries in the event of an accident.
  • Bomber coat – Ideal for cold weather conditions as they are made from light weight leather such as Napa.
  • Formal coats – This is where mens black leather coats come in as most formal leather coats and jackets come in plain black, brown and grey colors. They look great when worn with official shirts and ties.
  • Trench coats – It is great for a charming look as well as protection from cold weather. It is a must have for any fashion conscious man.
  • Casual coat – So far the best coat to sport with a t shirt and jeans. Best thing about casual leather coats for men is the fact that they come in several and sizes.  There are big mens leather coats in this category as well as medium sized ones.


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With more leather coat brands coming up almost every year, finding your fit should be an easy task. Just don’t forget to consider the aforementioned pointers. It will make the whole coat buying process simple and fun.