All You Need To Know About Motorcycle Protective Gear

Motorcycle protective gear is very important for anyone with a passion for motorcycles and any cycling sport. Protective gear is a mandatory consideration for anyone fond of indulging in sports since it helps you enjoy your activities without fear of being hurt. Such protective gear is available for different body types and is supplied by different companies. Regardless of the companies supplying the equipment, the basic function is the same and one needs to be very careful when selecting the protective gear for motorcycles.

High Quality Motorcycle Protective Gear

Types of motorcycle protection gear


The head is the most vital body part since it has the central nervous system that controls your reasoning and motor skills. This said, helmets were the first protective motorcycle gear to be designed. Over time, the designs have changed from basic functionality and have incorporated different fashion styles and motorcycle protection gear for the face has also been considered in designing crash helmets.

Head and neck restraints

Safety when using motorcycles has reached a new level with this type of gear. You can now race at high speed but still protect your neck and head in the event of an accident.

Body Armour Protective Motorcycle Gear

Safety harness and seat belts

This safety gear is designed to secure you to your seat whenever you are engaging in any motor sport. Many times when riding at high speeds, the motorcycle may skid or overturn. There is nothing worse than being thrown off your motorcycle just because you were not careful enough to harness yourself to your seat.

Fire suits

This type of motorcycle protective gear reduces the burns you get due to friction. It also prevents your skin from being scalded if a fire breaks out due to engine malfunctioning.

Safety boots

When one thinks of protective gear, the feet hardly come to mind, they are however a very important part of the body and should be duly protected. The boots should be comfortable and durable because a lot of scuffing is involved when riding motorcycles. The boots protect your feet from any insects, or debris that fly around during racing. Boots with a good ankle support should always be the first feature you check for when shopping.

Abrasion resistant jacket  

This is one of the most important items for any motorcycle sports lover. When riding, especially at high speed, there is a lot of wind. To avoid wind burns and injury by flying objects, a high quality jacket is a must-have.

Body Armor Protective Gear For Motorcycles

Leather motorcycle gloves

Gloves are important because they protect your hands from any mishaps. When on a motorcycle, damage to your hands can be avoided easily.

Heated motorcycle gear

For the avid sports people who do not let weather keep them away from racing, this is essential to avoid hypothermia. This type of gear keeps you warm and gets its power from the motorcycle or from an independent power source. The suits come with temperature controllers to keep you as comfortable as possible.

Alpinestar Motorcycle Protection Gear

What to consider when choosing protective gear for motorcycles

  • The quality of your protective gear: high quality items are always preferred because they are more comfortable and last longer.
  • The pricing: most high quality items cost more than regular items. You should be ready to pay more for quality items. This should however be perceived as an investment because it will take a while before you are back in the store looking for a replacement.
  • The branding or labeling on the gear: it is important to go for brands that come highly recommended. Some shops carry the most reputable brands in the market.
  • The size of the gear: comfort is king when it comes to protective gear. The weight and right fit is important when deciding to buy any gear

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